Self Storage Units in Montgomery, AL with Metro Self Storage

I have been a customer of Metro self storage since 2019. My payments come automatically out my account every month. On April 2, 2022 I notice a tremendous stor… Read More

I have been a customer of Metro self storage since 2019. My payments come automatically out my account every month. On April 2, 2022 I notice a tremendous storage charge. Metro self storage charge me $70 more than my regular payment. This was a ridiculous increase amount for a storage fee. I’ll call the local storage where my storage was and tried to talk to someone about the increase. They never answered the phone. So I called the customer service number and the representative stated that he would send an email asking them to contact with me. I was never contacted back that day. I called Monday, April 4 As soon as they open but no one was answering the phone. I finally reach someone around 1 PM. The representative name was Brooke and I explain to her about the increase in my storage fee. She stated that because of the Covid virus that the fees were increased and they sent something to me two months ago letting all the customers know of the increase. I stated that I never received a notice of any increase for my storage and also that $70 is a big increase for a storage. I let her know that I was on a budget and the reason I came to metro storage was because of their reasonable prices. I’ve been with them several years and I have never seen an increase like this before. I asked her who can I talk to about my account and increase. She said she can email someone in a company that will contact me about the increase in price. Instead of her letting a certified HR member talk to me , she argued back-and-forth with me over the phone letting me know that it is not Metro storage responsibility that I am on a budget and can longer afford the storage fee. And also they have to raise their prices because of the economy. I stated that if she can not help me with my account please refer me to someone that can. And I also let her know while she continues to arguing back-and-forth with me, she should have been sending the email to the correct person that can actually help me with my situation. I thought that Metro self storage had a total customer satisfaction pledge and they were committed to satisfaction of all customers, not just some customers. Your employer Mrs. Brooke, not only made me feel like I wasn’t important enough to your company because I was on a budget but made me feel like you are now catering to a higher clientele rather And customers like me are no longer welcome. I have work and customer service majority of my life and Mrs. Brook definitely needs assistance in customer service. She needs to talk to customers regardless of their race, sex, and/or status because every customer is important. She is the first employer of your company that I have had a negative interaction with And have treated me like my business was not important to your company. I pray hope that this situation is corrected soon. Thank you and be safe. A sincere valued customer Tiffany F.

Tiffany Flowers Apr 11, 2022

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