11 Best Cloud Migration Tools in 2023

Summary: Cloud migration includes assessing the databases and applications, finding their dependencies, and creating a new cloud environment for them. What are the top tools you can use for this purpose? Find below!

Cloud migration might seem a daunting task as you need to consolidate data, perform a pre-migration assessment, analyze data, or estimate the cost of cloud migration. Whether you need to migrate a few assets or the entire workload to cloud, a cloud migration tool can help in tracking and managing the entire cloud migration procedure.

Cloud migration data tools lower IT maintenance cost, improve application performance, automate application maintenance, and help with application modernization.

Get more insights on the functionalities of cloud migration tools along with examples in the article.

What Is a Cloud Migration Tool?

A cloud migration tool helps consolidate, assess, and migrate the organization’s workload like applications, databases, or infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud. These tools can also be used to migrate data from one cloud platform to another without impacting day-to-day business operations.

Cloud migration tools can be used to migrate a few assets or complete company assets into the cloud. With these tools, businesses can achieve scalability, reduce costs, improve their IT processes, minimize security incidents, etc.

Top 5 Cloud Migration Tools Comparison

Parameters AppDynamicsAWS Migration ServicesAvePoint MigrationAzure MigrateCarbonite MigrateEnd to end migration SupportCloud Platform SupportedPre-Migration Assessment MigrationPerformance optimization insights

11 Best Cloud Migration Tools in 2023

  • Cisco AppDynamics
  • AWS Server and Application Migration Services
  • AvePoint Migration
  • Azure Migrate
  • Carbonite Migrate Tool
  • CloudM
  • Cloudsfer
  • Google Cloud Migration Tools
  • Turbonomic
  • ScienceLogic PL 1
  • Dynatrace

Cloud data migration tools can help businesses to quickly and easily transfer the database and applications to the cloud. Furthermore, these tools can also help in finding application dependencies and performing the complete scan to find any anomalies. If you are also planning to shift your entire workload to the cloud environment, here are the best cloud migration tools to consider.

  • Cisco AppDynamics

Cisco AppDynamics offers real-time performance monitoring tools to assess and improve the applications’ performance. With this cloud migration software, you can assess the applications to find issues, get visibility into the migration procedure, improve applications performance, etc.

Cisco AppDynamics Features

  • Application performance monitoring
  • Business performance monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Pre-migration assessment

Cisco AppDynamics Pros and Cons

Pricing: No free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 495.64/month/ CPU core

  • AWS Server and Application Migration Services

AWS Server and Application Migration Services is a lift-and-shift (rehost) solution to help users reduce the cost and the time taken to migrate applications to AWS. It minimizes manual processes by automatically letting the source servers run on AWS. You can use it to migrate on-premises workloads, and applications, and to migrate data between other AWS regions.

AWS Server and Application Migration Services Features

  • Pre-migration assessment
  • Application or data migration
  • Insights on performance optimization
  • Support for data replication

AWS Server and Application Migration Services Pros and Cons

Pricing: AWS Server Migration Service is free for all AWS customers whereas, AWS Application Migration Service is free for up to 2,160 hours, with INR 3.47/ server/month.

  • AvePoint Migration

AvePoint Migration is a popular cloud migration tool to consolidate and migrate systems, cloud files, or Microsoft Office 365 tenants to Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. With it, you can migrate both on-premises and cloud workloads easily into a single cloud environment.

AvePoint Migration Features

  • Complete data analysis before migration
  • Real-time migration monitoring
  • Pre-scanning to detect anomalies
  • Data classification
  • Tenant-to-tenant migration

AvePoint Migration Pros and Cons

Pricing: AvePoint Migration price is available on request on its official website.

  • Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate is a cloud migration tool to assess and migrate applications, infrastructure, data from the on-premises servers to Azure. This cloud migration tool provides the best migration actions through built-in insights.

With it, you can migrate data from virtual machines, cloud, and physical servers. Further, Azure Migrate, you get complete visibility into application data, assessment and migration process through a single database.

Azure Migrate Features

  • Cost optimization for efficient migration
  • Centralized dashboard to track migration process
  • Application modernization
  • Compliance management

Azure Migrate Pros and Cons

Pricing: Azure Migrate is free to use for Azure customers, but users need to pay for third-party licenses.

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  • Carbonite Migrate Tool

Carbonite Migrate is one of the popular cloud migration data tools to migrate the organization workloads to and from physical, virtual machines, or cloud environments. It migrates workloads with minimalistic risk and zero downtime. This cloud migration tool also performs the testing of new cloud settings and replicates the application data.

Carbonite Migrate Features

  • AES 256-bit encryption data protection
  • Customized workflow automation
  • Data analyses before synchronization
  • Migration configuration and management

Carbonite Migrate Pros and Cons

Pricing: Carbonite Migrate has custom pricing. Get in touch with the service provider

  • CloudM

CloudM is a data management software available for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Its cloud migration functionalities help with data management and workload migration. This migration tool comes with auditing, migration trace, and migration service logs features to easily detect and resolve any anomalies throughout the migration period.

CloudM Features

  • Pre-migration assessment
  • Live Progress Reports
  • Document versioning
  • Document metadata restoring

CloudM Pros and Cons

Pricing: CloudM pricing details are available on request at its official website.

  • Cloudsfer

Cloudsfer is one of the major cloud migration data tools that helps with cloud to cloud and on-premises to cloud transfer data and files. With it, users can transfer files to almost 20 cloud storage applications like Dropbox, Google drive, etc. Cloudsfer also offers a free analysis tool to assess the files before data migration.

Cloudsfer Features

  • Multi-User Migration
  • Cloud backup and migration scheduling
  • Multiple migration reports

Cloudsfer Pros and Cons

Pricing: Pricing details are available on request on Cloudsfer’s official website

  • Google Cloud Migration Tools

Google Cloud migration tools help in migrating multiple applications and data to cloud. Users can migrate their databases and apps to the cloud while optimizing them for efficiency and flexibility.

Google migration tools offer built-in cost estimator and assessment features to determine the cost of moving apps to cloud and determining the requirements of apps to move to the cloud.

They also offer multiple data migration, apps migration and modernization for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Servers workloads, etc.

Google Cloud Migration Tools Features

  • Data replication
  • Apps modernization
  • Google cloud console

Google Cloud Migration Tools Pros and Cons

Pricing: Google Cloud migration tools price are available on request on its official website.

  • Turbonomic

Turbonomic by IBM is a resource management software to help users with resource applications and data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With it, users can calculate costs of migrating to cloud, automatically move workloads to cloud, optimize applications, and so on. Turbonomic helps businesses to reduce the cloud and infrastructure cost while also improving the application performance.

Turbonomic by IBM Features

  • AI-based apps optimization
  • Automatic apps scaling
  • Propriety policy engine to boost compliance
  • Full-stack visualization into apps and infrastructure
  • IT resources management

Turbonomic by IBM Pros and Cons

Pricing: No free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 1,554.65/virtual server/ month.

  • ScienceLogic PL 1

ScienceLogic PL 1 is an AIOps and IT infrastructure monitoring platform that provides complete visibility into the cloud migration procedure. This cloud migration tool can help with cloud infrastructure monitoring, on-premises and cloud storage monitoring, retaining data, maintaining workflows, automating incidents management, etc.

ScienceLogic PL 1 Features

  • Complete visibility into IT resources
  • Collect and visualize cloud data in one place
  • AI-based infrastructure and resource relationship management
  • Application and infrastructure dependencies tracking

ScienceLogic PL 1 Pros and Cons

Pricing: No free plan available | Hybrid cloud monitoring plan starts from INR 619.19/node/ month

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  • Dynatrace

Dynatrace’s cloud migration software helps users with replatforming, rehosting or refactoring for any cloud platform. It enables businesses to track and manage every stage of the cloud migration process. Further, it also performs application assessment including its usage, dependencies, etc., for creating a better cloud environment that matches with your business requirements.

Dynatrace Features

  • Root-cause application analysis
  • Real-time application assessment
  • Component-level resource consumption visibility
  • Anomalies detection pre and post cloud migration

Dynatrace Pros and Cons

Pricing: It has different pricing plans for different capabilities | Infrastructure monitoring plan starts from INR 1,818.67/per month with 8 GB per hosting.

Features of Cloud Migration Tools

There are multiple types of cloud migration tools available in the market. However, some of the common features that should be there in the cloud migration software include-

  • Pre-migration assessment: The cloud migration software should have a pre-migration assessment functionality to analyze the application and data and detect anomalies.
  • Performance Monitoring: Application performance monitoring would help in optimizing application performance in public, private, and multi-cloud environments.
  • Data Replication: The cloud migration data tools will replicate all the data present in the previous cloud server or in the on-premises service to the new cloud environment. This ensures that data is always available for analysis purposes.
  • Application Rehosting: This feature would enable you to migrate your entire on-premises workload to different cloud servers without modifying the content
  • Application Replatforming: With it, users can upgrade the application from the current environment to optimally run on the cloud platform without compromising its core functionality.
  • Migration Process Tracking: This feature helps in keeping track of the entire migration procedure starting from the application assessment till the workload is completely transferred into the new environment.

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