Trials of Mana Chain Abilities Guide

In Trials of Mana you will notice a section in the menu called Chain Abilities. These are character abilities that you get by using the Training Points. These abilities can be useful for your team members who don’t naturally learn them. Chain abilities bring diversity to your character abilities in Trials of Mana.

Trials of Mana Chain Abilities

There are two types of chain abilities; some abilities are acquired through training points while others are acquired from special NPCs in Trials of Mana. Below are chain abilities aka link abilities for each of the playable Trials of Mana characters.


  • Armor Break: Duran has two Chain Abilities. This one is a Duran Chain Ability that boosts your armor reduction value for normal attacks by 50%.
  • Damage SP+:  This is our second Duran ability which helps the player increase SP by 2% when the player takes damage.


  • Absorb:   Angela also has two chain abilities in Trials of Mana. The first one is Absorb which allows the player to recover 1 MP when with a heavy attack.
  • Limit Break: This is the second link ability for Angela. Players can use this to increase magic damage by 5% in Trials of Mana.


Firestorm: Kevin only has one chain ability as well and that’s Firestorm. Using this link ability allows the player to increase damage dealt by 15% when the character’s health is 30% or less.


  • Powerful: Charlotte has two link abilities and the first one is Powerful. It allows the player to increase damage dealt by 5% when performing heavy attacks.
  • Defender:  This is the second ability for Charlotte. It takes the player’s defense up by 10 and attack power up by 10 as well.


  • Poison: Hawkeye’s two chain abilities in Trials of Mana are Poison and Drop Up. Poison allows the player to boost the chance to inflict poison by 30%.
  • Drop Up:  The item drop rate will increase by 5% with this ability.


  • Indomitability: When the player is inflicted by a status effect, attack power goes up 15%.
  • Critical Up: Critical hit rate goes up by 10%.

Chain Abilities Gained From NPCs

The following chain abilities are gained from special NPCs in Trials of Mana.

Chain Ability  Effect  How to Get 
HP Boost  HP goes up by 30  Priest of Light 
Light Elemental Magic  Use light elemental abilities  Save Lumina 
Li’l Cactus’ Link Ability  200% CS Boost for allies at the start of battle  Find all  Li’l Cactus locations 
Aurora Sisters’ Link Ability  5% magic attack damage boost  See the dancers in the Night Market of Merchant Town Beiser 
Von  Boyage  Link Ability  5% power attack damage boost  Speak with  Von Boyage  on the way to Merchant Town Beiser 
Fortune-Teller Link Ability  Status effect damage goes down 50%  Speak with Fortune-Teller in Valsena after saving the king 
Blacksmitha  5% boost in equipment stats in battle  Give Watts 5,000 lucre in Dwarf Tunnels 
Earth Elemental Magic  Use Earth elemental abilities  Save Gnome 
Hero King’s Link Ability  Get 5% of CS gauge after winning a battle  Speak with Hero King in  Valsena 
Bruiser’s Link Ability  Increase attack for a class strike  Speak with Bruiser in  Valsena 
Stella’s Link Ability  10% healing items effectiveness  Speak with  the lady in Duran’s house in  Valsena 
MP Boost  Increase MP by 10  Speak with Jadd in Jadd Stronghold 

 This marks the end of our Trials of Mana Chian Abilities guide. 

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