Total War: Warhammer II Grom’s Cauldron Ingredients Guide – Unlock Requirements, Effects

In Total War: Warhammer II you will find 5 different types of ingredients at Grom’s Cauldron. All of the ingredients are color-coded which makes it easier to understand various types of recipes. In this guide we will discuss unlock requirements for Grom’s Cauldron ingredients, their effects, in The Warden & The Paunch DLC.

Total War: Warhammer II The Warden & The Paunch Grom’s Cauldron Ingredients

There are 25 ingredients in Grom’s Cauldron which make up 15 recipes. The more recipes you make using the following ingredients the stronger Grom will get. You need to cook 12 different recipes to be able to face Eltharion the Grim in the Siege of Tor Yvresse. There are 3 ways you can unlock new ingredients in Warhammer II Grom’s Cauldron. Every ingredient you in the DLC comes with a certain task attached to it. However, the Food Merchant may sell you random ingredients for 1000 gold each. Some sea-based ingredients can also be found in Sunken Treasures.

Ingredients  Unlock Requirements  Effects 
Troll Meat  Obtained by default  Goblin and Night Goblin infantry units get  Regeneration  passive 
Lion Meat  Face an army with lions – High Elves, White Lions of Chrace. 
  • +10 speed for Goblin cavalry, Goblin chariots, and Squig Herd units 
  • Squig Units get +12 charge bonus 
Gobbo Legs  Get a trophy from a Call to Waaagh  Orc infantry units get Berserk passive 
Lizard Legs  Face an army with mounts or dinosaur-like creatures – Lizardmen – Saurus Oldblood.  +15 armor and +8 leadership for Goblin cavalry, Squig Herd units, and  Goblin chariots 
Boar Meat  Use a character with a War Boar mount – Orc Warboss lord.  Orc and Big ‘Uns cavalry and chariot units get +10 charge bonus and +10% weapon strength. 
Centigor Milk  Face an army with 6 limbed creatures – Tomb Kings – Khemrian Warsphinx 
  • Immense Power passive for Rogue Idols 
  • +10% research rate 
Spider Egg Yolk  Recruit the Anachronok Spider 
  • Regiments of Renown pool get 5 Lava Spider Archers 
  • Maternal Instinct ability for  Anachronok  Spiders 
Stunty Ale  Destroy a Dwarf settlement 
  • Trolls and Giants get Dulled Senses passive 
  • -50% recruitment cost for Troll units 
Monster Goo  Recruit Da Swamp  Fings Regiment of Renown 
  • Trolls and Giants get Monstrous Disease passive 
  • +2 recruit rank for Troll units 
Ectoplasm  Face an army with ghostly apparitions – Vampire Counts – Syreens 
  • Rogue Idols get Ghostly Protection passive 
  • -20% casualties suffered from all types of attrition 
Goldfish  Destroy  an Empire settlement 
  • +10% income from all buildings 
  • -1 global recruitment duration 
  • +8 obedience in all provinces 
Tentacles  Destroy  a Norscan settlement 
  • +10% income from sacking and looting settlements 
  • Frostbite attacks for all characters 
Hard Shell Crab  Destroy a Vampire Coast settlement 
  • +10 scrap 
  • +12% physical resistance for Goblin and Night Goblin units 
  • +10% income from raiding 
Ocean Clams  Destroy a Bretonnian settlement 
  • Get a random amount of gold 
  • +10% casualty replenishment rate 
Pufferfish  Face an army with a Bloated Corpse – Vampire Coast 
  • Regiments of Renown pool get 5 Soopa-Squip units 
  • Goblin and Night Goblin infantry units get Spiky Skin passive 
Green  Sporez  Complete the first step for Blacktoof’s Head in a Jar – 50 scraps at the start of your turn 
  • +5 reputation for the Call to Waaagh 
  • +10 growth in all provinces 
Indigo Milk Caps  Get to level 15 with an Orc Shaman 
  • -25% hero action cost 
  • +10% hero action success chance 
Hell Pepper ‘Shrooms  Recruit a Night Goblin Fanatic unit 
  • Goblin and Night Goblin units get Frenzy passive 
  • +25% fire resistance 
Glowing ‘Shrooms  Get to level 15 with a Goblin Great Shaman or Night Goblin Shaman 
  • -10% spell cooldown 
  • +10 starting Winds of Magic amount 
Stinky Fungi  Get to level 15 with a Giant River Troll Hag 
  • -8 enemy leadership 
  • -5 enemy siege holdout time 
Dragon Tail  Face an army with a Dragon, Wyvern, or Frost Wyrm creature, and mounts  Goblin and Night Goblin missile units get Dragon Breath ammunition 
Harpy Head  Destroy a Dark Elf settlement  Goblin and Night Goblin missile units get  +10% ammunition 
Phoenix Claws  Get a Call to Waaagh and win a trophy against any Elf faction  Goblin and Night Goblin missile units get Phoenix Fire 
Winged Leather  Face an army with a flying creature from Lustria or winged machinery, and mounts – Lizardmen – Ripperdactyl  Goblin and Night Goblin missile units get  +10% range and Hollow Bone ammunition 
Eagle Talons    Goblin and Night Goblin missile units get the Eagle Sight ammunition with increased armor-piercing 

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