Thoughts about the OnePlus Concept One – Disappearing camera, but why?

Thinking about the OnePlus Concept One – The camera disappears, but why?

OnePlus brought an interesting smartphone concept at CES 2020 and it was named Concept One. It looks amazing. Probably the best product that OnePlus has ever created, but sadly, this may not even appear on the market. The main reason for OnePlus to introduce this handset is to show their progress in technology and the work they are doing in different aspects, but Concept One will not come like the OnePlus 8 or 8T if you are wondering about it.

Thoughts about the OnePlus Concept One – Disappearing camera, but why?

How does this thing differ from other things? It’s a camera that disappears especially here. All they lost was an effort for more than 18 months, partnering with McLaren and their expertise with glass sunro windows to create that glass panels on the camera settings on the back. It is a type of electrolycry glass that can transition from transparent to opaque when an electric current passes through it. So the whole process of charge and change the properties of the glass to reveal the camera module takes about 0.7 seconds, not long, but I am still wondering about the reason for hiding the camera module area.

I like the way the camera displays from nowhere. But I don’t like the way OnePlus thinks they should have a leather back around those cameras to keep it distinguished as an area for cameras. Imagine the glass-filled phone on the back and the user doesn’t even recognize the hidden camera area somewhere in it. That’s what’s going to look cooler. And yes, we talk only about appearance here because of the fact that this does not change anything except the addition of the ND filter option in the camera app.

OnePlus also says that with the increasing number of cameras on the back, it does not look good and that is one of the reasons to look for measures that make it look better, by hiding it completely unless used. But it must be priced well and with the price of OnePlus phones getting higher with every generation, extras like this, although groundbreaking, will also be heavier for pocket money.

The only positive thing I feel here is the ND filter that we see on the DSLR and that can happen here due to the dark glass and it helps to control the exposure in the shot when you are shooting with the sun in the background.

So that’s my initial thoughts on the OnePlus Concept One. Of course, nothing about the device other than this was shared because the concept was only introduced to the electrolyte glass, the camera disappeared, and that new interface.

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