The country with the highest COVID-19 infection rate in the world officially shuts down the country

According to Reuters, a European country has just decided to lock down for two weeks starting yesterday (November 25) to deal with the world’s highest COVID-19 infection rate.

Slovakia, a country with a population of 5.5 million, has just decided to lock down the country for two weeks starting on November 25, requiring all stores and services to be closed, except for service needs. necessary.

Da Nang CDC medical workers performs COVID 19 test 1

At the same time, the state prohibits people from leaving the residential area except for work, school or physical examination; gatherings of more than 6 people are prohibited.

The decision was made at a time when the number of COVID-19 infections increased throughout Europe, which made the European continent once again the center of the pandemic. Starting on the first Monday of this week, Austria has also decided to lock down the country to fight COVID-19.

According to data from the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), only 45.7% of the population in Slovakia has been vaccinated, the third lowest rate in the European Union (EU). In contrast, the vaccination rate for the entire European Union is 65.8%. According to our data world, last week, the average COVID-19 infection rate in Slovakia was 1,929 cases per 1 million people per day, the highest in the world.

Tomas Sulik, head of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Trencin University Hospital in Slovakia, said that he treated 9 patients in the ICU with only 10 beds. The last hospital bed is expected to receive patients in the next few hours. None of the 9 patients were vaccinated, and their average age was 63 years.

Mr. Sulik told Reuters: “There is a sense of frustration. These are situations that can be prevented by vaccination. The wave is stronger, the number of patients is increasing faster, and the condition is getting worse. Be patient with young people. ”

The exhausted medical staff in the hospital have resigned, including the 4 doctors who left the previous batch.

On November 25, 2021, Slovakia entered a two-week lockdown period in Trencin, Slovakia, and people were preparing to enter a restaurant that only allowed takeaways. Photo: Reuters/Radovan Stoklasa

Elsewhere in Trencin, 130 kilometers north of Bratislava, music store manager Roman Spatny said the blockade had a huge impact on his sales, especially on Christmas Eve. born.

“For us, it’s a knife,” he said. “When the business is very important, we have to shut down, just like last year.”

Natalia Paskova, a 17-year-old schoolgirl, believes that the blockade is the right thing to do. “The situation is getting worse, so this decision is reasonable,” she said.

Hospitals in Slovakia have reached the upper limit of 3,200 COVID-19 patients-the Slovak government stated that this is the upper limit necessary to ensure medical service capacity. The Ministry of Health of Slovakia stated that it has begun to discuss options for seeking help from abroad.

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