The Latest vivo U20 Sports Snapdragon-675AIE and a Massive 5000-mAh Battery

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Latest Vivo U20 Sports Snapdragon-675AIE and a large capacity 5000 mAh battery

Vivo U-series was introduced to compete with the popular product line of competing brands. It has done extraordinary things with the Vivo U10, the line’s first smartphone. Now, the company has made it better with the introduction of Vivo U20. The phone has quite a lot to offer in terms of specifications but in the end, the new experience is important and there is no such compromise in that respect.

Vivo U20 is a perfect center-back and there are a number of reasons why it will be loved among those of the millennium generation who are always on the move.

The Latest vivo U20 Sports Snapdragon-675AIE and a Massive 5000-mAh Battery
The Latest vivo U20 Sports Snapdragon-675AIE and a Massive 5000-mAh Battery

Seamless performance in every aspect
The Vivo U20 has the power that comes from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 675AIE processor, which has proven its value in some phones before. It is an eight-by-one chipset with a range of AI features added for a better experience, and if compared to the Snapdragon 665 on the U10, then this chipset is 20% faster.

Add to that faster memory reading and recording speeds, which make application loading time faster with UFS 2.1 memory integration, which is a lot faster than the memory option that most low-end phones come with. In short, this is the strongest chipset in this price segment.

Large battery, powered by fast charging
One of the difficult points for any user who uses their smartphone is the battery life that the phone brings and Vivo has solved that problem by providing a 5000mAh battery on the U10 and that continues to happen with the next phone providing the same amount of battery, with only the addition of better optimization with the Snapdragon 675. In addition to supporting fast charging, this price range is something you rarely get if you are looking for a good phone number that supports 18W Dual -Fast charging engine.

If you think that’s enough, your phone can also recharge other devices or phones around in case you need to charge them.

FHD + FullView display ™ 6.53 inches
One more important thing than this type of screen is its resolution. Some mid-range phones offer AMOLED displays but that is with HD+ resolution, which does not make much sense because of the sharper the screen, the better the gaming experience and media viewing. The Vivo U20 comes with an FHD+ display with Halo FullView ™ to deliver a vivid experience.

Don’t forget, Vivo has ensured that there is no problem watching HD content on streaming channels with L1 Widevine support offered here, so it’s not just about the screen but also about the ability to deliver good content. There is a layer of Panda MN228 glass that protects the smartphone’s screen and if you consider the Vickers Hardness Test for durability, it has a score of 700, even higher than the Gorilla Glass 5.

Now, to talk more about the extra experience here, Vivo U20 also has Ultra Game mode to provide a better gaming experience, eliminate notifications, and help you completely play the game without being disturbed. And with the battery life provided here, you’re sure to enjoy gaming for hours without interruption.

Complete camera package
Although we see a depth camera provided along with the main camera on most phones, Vivo has enhanced the camera game here and offers a three-behind AI camera in which the 16MP main camera is supported by an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens as well as a 2MP Super Macro lens, making it capable of taking great shots in different situations. There is also a 16MP selfie camera with an f / 2.0 aperture to provide great selfies in all lighting conditions.

In general, Vivo U20 is a great deal for what is offered here. It has the perfect display, performance, battery life, and a good set of cameras to perfect the package for a seamless, affordable experience.

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