Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Hands-on – Hoping it is priced well in India

On hand Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite – Hope it costs well in India

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite may be coming soon in the Indian market and we had the opportunity to get a glimpse of this device at the CES 2020 event in Las Vegas. The smartphone looks a lot like the Galaxy S10 Lite, but the similarity ends there because it differs quite a lot from that phone, and here are my thoughts on the Note 10 Lite, which is expected to cost about Rs. 35000 for the base variant when it launches (based entirely on rumors).

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Hands-on – Hoping it is priced well in India
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Hands-on – Hoping it is priced well in India

In fact, when I heard that Samsung was planning to bring this phone into the Indian market, I was quite excited because the Note line always revolves around the S Pen pen, while not compromised with any other elements and the Lite will also have an S Pen included, but let’s see what it has. There is a Super AMOLED screen on the front. with an Infinity-O screen, which means there is a perforated selfie camera. The screen is quite large, 6.7 inches, but that is becoming popular when the company introduces two other phones with screens of the same size.

Samsung has wisely chosen the Exynos 9810 chipset for the phone, and wisely because this is the top chipset but it has been included in the Galaxy S9 series for almost 2 years old. In fact, it’s a chipset that works well but the production process is 10nm older, and the old chipset itself won’t cost as much and this is a wise move by the brand. The Galaxy Note 10 Lite could be facing some temperature issues if the company doesn’t fix anything in that aspect so far.

Setting up the cameras is interesting because while the Galaxy S10 Lite has a 48MP main camera, the other two cameras do not really solve the purpose, but the Note 10 Lite has three 12MP sensors, each one provides a specific purpose, the main sensor has an F / 1.7 aperture for ordinary photos, the second sensor is a telephoto lens, and both of these sensors have OIS support, while the third camera is an ultra-wide camera.

As far as other main aspects are concerned, the phone has a 4500 mAh battery with 18W fast charging support, there is Bluetooth 5.0, supports VoLTE, Dual-SIM, and MicroSD card slots as well as memory expansion, and Samsung has provided fingerprint scanners under the screen as well as for security, so as said earlier, no major compromises are made here with the phone and S Pen present with the goodness of the features offered.

Aura Red looks good and the right S Pen adds flavor, but Aura Glow may be my favorite, although I criticized the original Note for the same color, here it looks a bit different and new. For the ordinary world, there is always Black, which Samsung calls the Aura Black and all three are glossy back-to-back options, with the company claiming they are glasses while it is called “Glastic” on the new Galaxy A71 and A51 devices.

It will be really interesting to see the price of this handset and if it is at the price around the rumored price, the device will definitely be a great addition to the rival that is led by OnePlus which is currently at that particular price. The phone feels sturdy and comfortable at the same time, mainly for those who have used a large phone and can easily switch to a new phone without struggling with it, and the S Pen will be a great addition if you haven’t already. used a Samsung Note device before.

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