Ojoy A1 Review - Really smart and useful children's watches

Ojoy A1 Review – Really smart and useful children’s watches

Smartwatches as a trend are starting at a slow but steady pace, but the market has most of the options only for users with smartphones to come along. On the other side, the kids have access to digital watches, or rather nothing. In this age of popular technology, catching up with it and your loved ones is also sticking to it. One of the brands that tried to offer something on this line, is Enjoy.

Ojoy A1 Review - Really smart and useful children's watches
Ojoy A1 Review – Really smart and useful children’s watches

The Joy A1 is the company’s first smartwatch aimed at children, with a number of features that help parents keep track of their child’s where-to-be. Although the watch is not limited to children, it is suitable for their hands and the features offered will be good for both children and their parents. First, let’s talk about the specifications.

The Joy A1 offers a 1.4-inch display that the company calls Retina Display and it has a resolution of 320 × 320 pixels and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. It is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 chipset and has 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory. The watch is protected from water intrusion with IP68 certification. The 2-megapixel camera with an 84-degree wide-angle lens is what the watch has at the top and to power, the Ojoy A1 has an 800 mAh battery.

The smartwatch has a kid operating system that is child-friendly and very easy to understand and navigate.

Now, to begin with, the design, the watch does not give us the impression of a real smartwatch, and it is a problem if we see it as something that ordinary professionals or even young men want to wear and flaunt. It’s something that’s really for kids, with both appearance and structure. The buttons are made of plastic, so is the frame and that’s what makes it feel a bit cheap.

One of the good features of the Ojoy A1 is the inclusion of a 2MP camera that can take photos and videos. There are filters and stickers in the Library app that help kids have an enjoyable experience.

Physical monitoring, competitiveness
Now, this is a feature that may not be available to children at all. Unless they absolutely love fitness. The step count feature helps users check the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, the calories burned, and also its progress on the app. In the same way, Fitbit has a community, the app has created a competitive environment where kids can track their progress compared to others and it’s a healthy competition that helps them stay fit without really needing age.

Tracking for parents, using SIM
This is one of the biggest reasons for them to buy Ojoy A1 for their child. Trackers are a very useful feature for parents who are always worried about their child’s where-to-be and want to keep track of them. Smartphones are generally not allowed to be used for students in schools in India and that is where a smartwatch can be useful because it does not bring a gaming culture and social media in general and still provides enough for children and their parents. connect with each other.
With the Enjoy app, parents can monitor their children and be assured that they are safe. That brings us to the next useful feature, i.e. texting and calling. The integration of the SIM slot has taken it to a good level when you do not need to rely on the smartphone to keep it synchronized and connected. Sim cards can be inserted and used, children can be connected to parents and send some pre-installed text messages or even voice messages up to 60 seconds. However, sending is not limited to the number of parents, since other children wearing Ojoy watches can also receive messages, but it is the only freedom offered here because the watch cannot send messages or photos to any number, as it must only allow reliable communication with parents and friends.

Although these are the important aspects that are just mentioned, the Ojoy A1 is still the basic watch on the front, displays date, and time information and there are things that can be customized and are why children can easily get used to using it for a short period of time. Having said that, the ease of being kept aside, mature users will not really like to wear the A1 on their wrists, since the design and strap, both of which are created to appeal to younger users. Only for these people, changing the strap is easy as it has the usual pins that a hand watch will have, so you can go to the nearby watch shop to replace the strap with something that looks elegant and sturdy, in case you want a smartwatch that functions as a SIM and a camera and it’s not for Children.

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