Minecraft Dungeons Secret Mission Arch Haven Guide

One of the two bonus secret missions in Minecraft Dungeons is the Arch Haven. Just like Creepy Crypt, this bonus mission is not part of the main story. In this guide, we will find Arch Haven secret mission location in Minecraft Dungeons.

How to Find Arch Haven Secret Mission Location

The Arch Haven bonus mission location is in the Pumpkin Pastures. However, you need to unlock the Adventurer Tiers before you can find Arch Haven secret mission. Once you unlock the Adventurer Tiers you can find a path to the side of the fort. At the end of this path you will find a ship. Head below the deck kill everything in sight and find the map that leads to the Arch Haven.

Arch Haven Gear Drop

  • Sickles
  • Longbow
  • Soul Crossbow
  • Mercenary Armor

Arch Haven Artifacts Drops

  • Light-Feather
  • Wind Horn
  • Wonderful Wheat

Adventurer Tiers bring you more items in Arch Haven. You can get the Soul Scythe and the Love Medalion. When playing on the Adventurer Tiers make your power level is something between 39 to 62. The higher the tier the better the loot you get in Minecraft Dungeons. You get higher Gear and Artifact power on Adventurer Tiers. That’s pretty all you need to know about the Arch Haven. Need more help with the game?

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