Little Nightmares Nomes Locations Guide

There are 13 Nomes that you can find in Little Nightmares. These collectibles are little humanoid creatures that you need to find and hug in order to collect them. In this Little Nightmares Nomes Locations Guide, we have detailed the locations of all the Nomes in the game.

Little Nightmares Nomes Locations

Nomes in the game are small creatures with sharp, conical heads that look like mushrooms. As explained in the game’s DLC, these are actually children. The following are the locations of all the Nomes in the game:

The Prison

There are 3 Nomes that you can find in the Prison:

Nome #1
If you look at the right side of the refrigerator, you should see a small opening. You need to head inside and find the first Nome on the right side of the opening.

Nome #2
In the room with spotlight and cages, you will find another Nome inside a cage. Try not to climb all the way to the next room and walk along the cages to jump onto a ledge and open the cage to find the collectible.

Nome #3
After climbing the cabinets for the second time, you will need to light a lantern on the left side and open the crate to find the Nome and follow it.

The Lair

Similar to the Prison, there are 3 Nomes that you can find in the Lair:

Nome #1
You need to continue to head up the stairs but just before reaching the top, look at your left to find the first Nome of the area.

Nome #2
After using the lever on the pillar, drop into the opening via the hatch. Once you are down, climb up the ladder and put aside the boxes and proceed into the next area to find another Nome hiding in the new room.

Nome #3
In the area with a lot of books, you need to crawl underneath a desk to find a Nome. Do note that you will need to follow it wherever it leads you to collect it successfully.

The Kitchen

Another 3 Nomes can be found in the Kitchen level of Little Nightmares:

Nome #1
To find the first Nome in the Kitchen level, you need to enter the bathroom (after finding the key) and check the back-left corner of the room to find it.

Nome #2
Once you have found the key, you will need to head toward the pantry on the left side and look for a brown jar in there. Once you have found the jar, simply break it to collect the Nome.

Nome #3
To find the last Nome of the level, you need to head inside the room with the sausage maker and crawl under the table that has the machine to find it.

The Guest Area

In this level, you will find a total of 4 Nomes which are:

Nome #1
From the very start of the area, you need to head left into a secret room on the left side to find the very first Nome of the area.

Nome #2
Once you are in the area where you dodge the guests, check the right side of the room to find a stool. You need to move this stool to find a secret entrance that has another Nome at the very end of the area.

Nome #3
During the section where you need to break a mirror, do so, and use the elevator to proceed to the left side. From there, head inside the very first room in the area to find another Nome.

Nome #4
You will find the very last Nome in the game who will hand you a sausage when you are hungry.

These are all the Nomes and their locations in Little Nightmares.

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