How To Change Name In Gears Tactics

In this Gears Tactics guide, we will help players with how they can change character name in the game.

How To Change Name

Players can change the name of the characters, which is something that players can easily miss while customizing the character.

Gears Tactic’s character customization is quite elaborate. Players have a lot of options to choose from. Here is how you can change the character name in Gears Tactics.

There are two types of characters in Gears Tactics, Heroes and Troops. Players can only change the name for the troops.

Select one of your troops on the barracks menu and in the character loadout menu, scroll all the way down. Here players will find a special option, Name. Players can assign a name, call sign, and the last name.

And this how players can change character names on Gears Tactics. For more on the game also see our How to Replay Missions and Beginner’s Guide.

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