Gunfire Reborn Yoruhime-Maru Boss Guide – How to Defeat, Tips and Tricks

Yoruhime-Maru is the 3rd and final boss in Gunfire Reborn. The boss has an interesting mechanic in the game which is after it reaches 25% HP, it becomes immune to all damage. In order to damage it again, you need to kill the Octopus on either left or right side of the area. Once done, you will need to place the shell that it drops into the cannon. With the help of this Gunfire Reborn Yoruhime-Maru guide, you will be able to learn a few helpful tips and tricks to defeat the boss.

Gunfire Reborn Yoruhime-Maru

The following are some helpful tips and tricks to help you defeat Yoruhime-Maru in Gunfire Reborn:

During the first phase, you will need to destroy all the cannons in the game. After a cannon is destroyed, it will throw projectiles all around the arena. The simplest way of dodging these is to simply be on the move. Staying in one place will most likely get you hit. In addition to this, you will also need to dodge the incoming mortar fire – it can be done by dashing in any direction.

After you manage to lower the boss’ HP to about 25%, the immunity phase will kick in and you will need to kill the Octopus that spawns in the area. Once you are done with the Octopus, the boss will start hurling Corrosive Grenades toward you which will corrode the ground. You can, however, shoot them and prevent the Corrosion from spreading all over the place.

During the 2nd phase, Yoruhime-Maru will bring out a massive cannon which he will fire to deal a lot of splash damage. Similar to the previous phase, this will also corrode the ground which is why you will need to avoid it at all costs. In addition to this, you will also need to take care of adds spawning in the area. And oh, before I forget, you will also need to dodge mortar fires.

What you can do here is to use your Grenade ability to keep the area free from adds and keep all your focus on the boss itself. Continue to damage the boss and you will eventually emerge victorious.

This is how you can defeat Yoruhime-Maru boss in Gunfire Reborn. 

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