Gears Tactics Support Class Guide – Best Skill, Tips And Tricks

Our Gears Tactics Support Class Guide will help players with the best skill for this class and how to best use the support class soldier.

Gears Tactics Support Class

By name, many of you would mistake Support Class for just to offer support for their squad members. However, aside from providing support, this class also deals a decent amount of damage to enemies and can fight enemies just like any other class in Gears Tactics.

Most of the skills for Support Class are focused around providing support and healing team members. The basic ability for the support class allows the entire squad to heal each time they kill an enemy.

It has four development paths or skill trees which include Surgeon, Combat medic, Paragon, and Strategist. Surgeon focuses on unit treatment and support skills.

Combat medic allows access to skills that heal the squad when an enemy is killed. Paragon focuses on skills to support team members and adding action points. Strategist reduces the cooldown for skills and focuses on multiple offensive skills.

Best Skill

If you are playing with a Support class soldier in your squad then grab the “Empower” skill as soon as you can. This skill will reduce the action point for the Support soldier and will grant it to another soldier regardless of position and distance. This can really help players to get soldiers out of trouble or take advantage of another soldier who is in a good spot.

That is all for our Gears Tactics Support Class Guide with tips on the best skill and how to best use this class.

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