FIFA 20 Season 6 Week 1 Objectives Guide

Finally, the Team of Season is here for all its enthusiasts. It begins with the Community Votes/Most Consistent squad and has been tied with the start of Season 6. To achieve the new level 30 awards, you will need to complete all Season 6 Week 1 objectives in FIFA 20 and our guide is just the one to give you all the information you need.

This season is officially the sixth, but technically the seventh as two three-week seasons came out during Christmas and the New Year. All the challenges that need to be done will be found in Ultimate Team’s FUT Central Tab, under the title of Season Objectives. Once all the Week 1 bronze challenges are completed, you will be able to unlock the Silver challenges and then the Gold.

As always, the duration to finish a week’s challenge is two weeks. Level 30 is not reachable within the first week is you would not be able to amass enough XP. The following are all the objectives you will have in Week 1.

All FIFA 20 Season 6 Week 1 Bronze Objectives

Objective Goal Reward
Play 4 Play 4 matches in any FUT game mode 700 XP
Score 3 Score 3 goals in any FUT game mode 300 XP
Assist 2 Assist 2 goals in any FUT game mode 300 XP
Win 2 Win 2 matches in any FUT game mode 500 XP

So here are all the challenges you will have to complete in Week 1 of the current season of FIFA 20. We will keep you updated on further challenges that come up after aka the Silver and Gold ones. In the meantime, delve in to finish these!

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