Data Science and Data Analytics Associate Programs

While it used to be uncommon to find associate’s degree programs in big data-related disciplines, the rapid expansion of the industry has meant more and more opportunities are available for students at all levels.

Not long ago it was hard to find a school offering a bachelor in data science, yet now there are over 40 schools offering a major and another 25 schools offering a data science minor. This increased interest in providing undergraduate-level data science opportunities has extended to associate’s programs as well, with a variety of options now available to students who are just starting to pursue higher education.

If you’d like to get your feet wet in the world of big data but only hold a high school diploma, an associate’s program can provide a fantastic introduction to the field.

Below is our guide to associate programs in the fields of data science and data analytics, with information about what to consider when seeking the best option to fit your needs as well as listings of the top programs available. Given the recent explosion of big data-related bachelor and master’s programs, we expect to see the associate offerings expand greatly as well in the years to come.

What Should You Consider When Perusing an Associates Degree in Data Science?

When considering an associate degree it is important to keep in mind that most STEM related careers will require a bachelor degree and sometimes a master’s degree.

If a nearby school does not offer a data science or data analytics associate program, there are plenty of suitable alternatives. Consider studying information systems, computer science, math, or statistics.

Students can leverage these two-year programs to help build a strong foundation in areas critical for data science. This will help for a smooth transition into a bachelor’s program in data science or data analytics.

An associate’s degree can also provide students the accreditation they need to start their professional careers in big data, taking on their first work experiences in the field at the same time that they complete the remaining course work to receive a bachelor’s degree. This can be invaluable for students who cannot afford to take on a full-time bachelor’s program but are eager to build up their big data resume as early as possible.

While researching your options it is important to make sure you will be able to transfer your credits if you decide to pursue a bachelor degree at a later date. A high school counselor, the admissions or counseling office, and a transfer advisor are all resources you can leverage when planning your education. A little up front research can go a long way to saving time, money, and hassle in the future.

Admissions Requirements

The admissions requirements for associate degree programs will vary from school to school. However, there are several common requirements that can be found when applying to different programs.

  • The most common requirement is a high school diploma or equivalent. This will be required for admission to any associate degree program
  • Some programs have a minimum age requirement
  • There is often a minimum high school grade point average (GPA)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Standard test scores (typically the SAT or ACT)
  • A Statement of goals

Additionally, you may find specific pre-requisites in order to enroll in a specific major. This could include the completion of general education courses in math or English.

Sample Courses

Students can expect to take a wide variety of courses. Here are some of the most popular classes currently being offered:

  • Introduction to Analytics
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Introduction to Databases
  • Data Structures for Analytics
  • Applied Predictive Modeling
  • Analytical Methods
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Data Visualization
  • Database Design and Development

School Listings for Associate Degree Programs in Data Science and Data Analytics

Due to the limited options at the associate level we have included both data science and data analytics programs in the below list. A quick summary is provided for each school as well as a link to the specific program page.

Broward College – Fort Lauderdale, FloridaAssociate of Science in Business Analytics

Broward College’s Associate of Science in Business Analytics provides basic skills necessary for business analyst positions that require functions in accounting, computer usage, data visualization, and database report creation.

Broward provides a recommended course sequence of six terms for full-time students and ten terms for part-time students totaling 60 credit hours.

Early courses include Computer and Internet Literacy, Principles of Accounting, Public Speaking, Macroeconomics, and Electronic Spreadsheets. Middle terms include courses such as General Education Humanities, Marketing, Business Analytics, Data Collection and Presentation, and Microeconomics. Final terms include Data Based Marketing, Money and Banking, and General Education Science.

Program Length: 60 creditsDelivery Method: Campus2022-2023 Tuition: $117.90 per credit (Florida Resident), $373 per credit (Non-resident)

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Brigham Young University – Rexburg, IdahoData Science (Major: Associate-Level)

BYU – Idaho offers an associate level Data Science degree that provides students with a combination of applied statistics, core programming languages, and collaborative and communication skills to prepare them for beginning careers in data science.

The program requires 17 credits of foundations courses to give students the basic knowledge they need.

Then with 36 credits in core courses, students learn programming, database statistics, biostatistics, business intel and analytics, software design, web engineering, calculus, algebra, business fundamentals, advanced writing in professional contexts, visual media, and design project management.

Finally, students may take seven credits in general electives from any eligible university credits.

Program Length: 17 creditsDelivery Method: Campus2022-2023 Tuition: $189 per credit (on-track semester), $135 per credit (flex online)

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Community College of Allegheny County – Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaAssociate of Science: Data Analytics Technology

The Community College of Allegheny County’s Data Analytics Technology program prepares students for efficient transfer to a four-year institution for a bachelor’s degree. All while earning an associate’s degree!

In this data analytics technology program, students will learn to identify patterns and relationships in massive sets of data. Through this detection, they will be able to resolve business questions and make data-driven decisions through effective communication and informed tactical strategies.

Upon graduation, students will be able to obtain jobs as data analysts, data scientists, database administrators, and statistical assistants.

An Associate of Science in Data Analytics Technology requires a minimum 61-62 credits to graduate.

The Community College of Allegheny County provides a schedule of required courses divided over four semesters.

Program Length: 60-61 creditsDelivery Method: Campus2022-2023 Tuition: $116 per credit (Allegheny County Resident), $232 per credit (Pennsylvania Resident), $348 per credit (Non-resident)

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Galveston College – Galveston, TexasComputer Science Associate of Science

Galveston College provides the citizens of Galveston Island and surrounding region with academic, workforce development, continuing education and community service programs. The College serves approximately 2,300 students each semester in credit programs and nearly 1,415 individuals annually in continuing education programs.

Galveston College has proven to be a progressive, dynamic institution of higher education known for its partnerships with businesses and organizations and its commitment to provide a quality learning environment that is student focused.

Program Length: 60 creditsDelivery Method: Campus2022-2023 Tuition: Varies

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Great Bay Community College – Rochester, New HampshireAnalytics Associate Degree

Great Bay Community College offers an Analytics Associate Degree designed perfectly for students aiming to transfer to the University of New Hampshire, Manchester for a four-year degree in Analytics.

If students only desire the Associate’s in Analytics Degree, they will be in a position to obtain a job as a junior data scientist upon graduation.

With a total 65 credits, students work through four semesters of courses with option summer semesters if needed.

Some courses include Object Oriented Programming, Pre-Calculus, Composition, Java Programming, Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Database Design, Writing Technical Documents, Society and Technological Change, Data Analytics with R, Data Structures, Python, and an optional Analytics Capstone.

Program Length: 30 creditsDelivery Method: Campus2022-2023 Tuition: $215 per credit (New Hampshire Resident), $323 per credit (New England Resident), $490 per credit (Non-resident)

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Nashua Community College – Nashua, New HampshireAssociate in Science: Foundations in Data Analytics

The Foundations in Data Analytics program at Nashua Community College delivers a strong base for students interested in pursuing a bachelor degree in data analytics or a similar field.

By combining mathematics with theoretical and applied software development, the courses of this program build the proper background skills for continued study in data science, math, computer science, computer information systems, statistics, or applied mathematics.

Upon graduation, students will have fully developed many skills in completing mathematical processes as well as identifying, analyzing, and solving complicated data problems.

Nashua’s predetermined course schedule requires a total of 61 credits.

Program Length: 61 creditsDelivery Method: Campus2022-2023 Tuition: $215 per credit (New Hampshire Resident), $323 per credit (New England Resident), $490 per credit (Non-resident)

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Northeast Wisconsin Technical College – Green Bay, WisconsinBusiness Analyst Associate Degree

Through Northeast Wisconsin Technical College’s Business Analyst Associate Degree, students can become vital members of organizations as business analysts. They can clearly communicate business structure, policies, and operations to other members of the business.

Learners use the latest technology to obtain and analyze business matters using effective practices.

Graduates will be able to work as IT liaisons with experts in their given field.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College also offers opportunities for industry credentials such as CBAP, CCBA, and PMI-PBA.

Students may also study abroad if enrolled in eligible programs.

Program Length: 68 creditsDelivery Method: Campus2022-2023 Tuition: $10,224 per program

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Wake Technical Community College – Raleigh, North CarolinaBusiness Analytics Degree

Wake Technical Community College offers a diverse degree delivery system for its Business Analytics Degree.

Students may take classes on campus, online, or as a hybrid.

In the Business Analytics Degree program, students complete coursework in general theory of business analytics, best practices, data mining, data warehousing, predictive modeling, project and operations management, statistical analysis, and software packages. In addition to those classes, students build skill sets in business communication, critical thinking, and decision making.

For students who follow a typical full-time schedule can expect to graduate with a completed degree in two years.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Wake Tech also offer two core certificates: Business Intelligence Certificate (12 credits), followed by Business Analyst Certificate (15 credits).

Program Length: 64 creditsDelivery Method: Campus, Hybrid, or Online2022-2023 Tuition: $199 per credit (Resident), $391 per credit (Non-resident)

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