Crucible Earl Hunter Guide – Abilities, Essence Upgrades, Upgrade Tree

Earl is one of the hunters in Amazon Game Studios’ Crucible. He is a loveable giant who is friendlier than he looks. In this guide, we will discuss all Earl abilities, essence upgrades, and the upgrade tree you can through to make some improvements.

Crucible Earl Abilities and Essence Upgrades Explained

Earl is a big dude and was once a space trucker. His job was to carry cargo across the Orion Arm. He loved his job but things changed when he made a stop at the Crucible for a supply drop during an attack on Colony Zero. Earl joined the fight and helped rescue people on his ship, however, the rescue missions wrecked his ship and he’s been stranded on the Crucible ever since, trying to earn enough money to repair his ship.

Earl Abilities

Earl has 5 main abilities which are as follows.

Afterburner:  Charge forward at high speed.

Blowback Vents: Knockback enemies and block projectiles.

Upshift: Fire four explosive rounds and increase Turbofire.

Tanking Up: Drink a potion to restore HP.

Fire: Fires Misty, increasing Turbofire. Turbofire boosts fire rate over time.

Earl Essence Upgrades

Big Rig: Max HP goes up by 300.

High Idle: Turbofire doesn’t go below 25%.

Packing a Spare: Max ammo goes up by 30; 10 per piston.

Scatterblast Shot: Upshift AoE is increased by 50% and does 50% more damage as Dot.

X-Turbo Draft: Tanking Up completely charges Turbofire.

Full Throttle: Afterburner has a knockback effect and stuns enemies.

Star-ball Energy Drink: Tanking Up gives 50% extra healing and cures status effects.

Red-Line That Sucker: At max Turbofire; RoF goes up by 25% and projectile speed is increased by 33%. Enemies can’t block line of fire at max Turbofire.

Nothing Wasted: Medkits heal 50% more HP.

Directional Vents: Movement speeds double when using Blowback Vents.

Upgrade Tree

Level Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
1 Big Rig High Idle Packing a Spare
2 Nothing Wasted n/a n/a
3 Directional Vents Scatterblast Shot X-Turbo Draft
4 Full Throttle n/a n/a
5 Star-Ball Energy Drink Red Line That Sucker

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