Australia recorded its first case of Omicron infection. Variants

The Department of Health of the New South Wales State of Australia stated that the case infected with the Omicron variant has no history of travel abroad, nor contact with anyone traveling abroad.

On December 3, Australia announced that three students from Regents Park Christian School in Sydney had tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and all three cases had been infected with the Omicron variant. This is the first case of community transmission of this new variant in Australia.


The New South Wales Department of Health stated that the above-mentioned cases have no history of travel abroad, nor have they contacted anyone traveling abroad.

According to the agency, there are currently 10 suspected cases of Omicron in Regent’s Park Christian School. The health authorities are urgently decoding the genes of the suspected cases, while isolating and testing all teachers, staff, and students in the school.


After the country reported its first case of infection with the Omicron variant on November 25, Australia imposed entry bans and restrictions on flights from South Africa.

Recently, many cases of Omicron variants have been discovered in Australia, but they are all imported cases and have been isolated.

Australia currently records approximately 2,000 new COVID-19 infections every day. In the past two years, this Oceanian country has closed its borders, implemented blockades, conducted extensive testing, tracking, and issued a domestic travel ban, thereby limiting the risk of infection. Has been infected. Chance of disease transmission.

Australian authorities believe that because about 87% of its citizens over the age of 16 are vaccinated against COVID-19, Australia can control the new variant of Omicron.

It is not clear how dangerous Omicron is or whether this variant will reduce the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine in circulation. However, there are concerns that Omicron is more contagious than the Delta variant that causes most COVID-19 cases today.

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