Apple’s partner factory workers in China quit their jobs in mass, affected iPhone 13 production?

Closer to the expected launch time of iPhone 13, a series of factory workers in China – Apple’s partners quit.
The salary increase policy is applied to attract human resourcesAccording to the South China Morning Post, the number of employees at Foxconn, Luxshare and Lens Technology factories is plummeting. The reason is because before each stage of assembling a new smartphone, the work is extremely stressful. This is a big concern, which could affect the iPhone 13 launch date, which is expected to take place in September.
In order to make everything go right, Apple’s partner factory has begun to increase bonuses to attract new employees. Specifically, Foxconn promises to provide a welcome payment for new employees of up to $ 1,578 (more than VND 36 million).
Of that, about $1,470 for new hires, and $108 for commissions for anyone who introduces them to Foxconn. This figure is 30 USD higher than the level offered by this contractor a few weeks ago at the end of July.
And Lens Technology, the company that makes optics for the iPhone, is also willing to pay $ 774 (VND 18 million) for newcomers. They also offer a bonus of 588 USD (13.5 million VND) for workers who return to Luxshare from other companies.
EndingHowever, it is still unclear whether Apple’s partners have found and compensated enough human resources who have resigned or not. And whether they can supply materials in time to launch 4 new iPhone 13 models in September this year is still a question mark. Let’s wait and see!

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