Animal Crossing New Horizons Lucha Guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is all about appealing and fun characters whom you can meet and interact with, and each character brings their own uniqueness to the game, making it even more exciting. Lucha is also a part of the huge character list of Animal Crossing  New Horizons and this guide will be focusing exclusively on all the info we can give you about this particular inhabitant of the Animal Crossing world.

Lucha is a bird with a huge love for wrestling. His favorite thing to wear all the time is a luchador mask and his house is a twin to a wrestling ring so you can pretty much tell how much he is a fan of the sport. He also has a boxing bag and boxing ring mat adorning his house, so we know he is a very active little bird.

For a character of that sort, you would expect him to be tough and loud, but Lucha has quite a smug personality. In Animal Crossing, characters that have a smug personality are gentlemanly, polite, and overall easy to get along with.

Being kind and well-groomed though does not stop Lucha from being a bit arrogant from time to time, so he will throw around comments suggesting how much he thinks of himself.

Has character traits will enable Lucha to be friendly with characters who have normal, lazy, peppy or snooty personalities. Characters that are cranky though are not his forte.

Here is all that we have for you on Lucha in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You can meet and chat with him in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and make him a part of your island community.

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