XCOM Chimera Squad Training Center Upgrades Guide

A brand new XCOM game is out and now which means it is time to dive deep into the contents of the latest installment. There is plenty to talk about but this particular guide will explain how you can use the training center to upgrade your character in XCOM Chimera Squad.

XCOM Chimera Squad Training Upgrades

The training center is accessible pretty early on in XCOM Chimera Squad. You can use any member of your team at the training center and enhance his/her overall stats. As a result, the character will get enhanced abilities and will be promoted to a better rank in the game. As you progress through the training section with a character, more training options will become available to you. There are multiple characters in the game that you can upgrade, however, you need to progress in the game to unlock all of the XCOM Chimera Squad characters.

Training  Duration  Upgrades 
Resolve  2 Days  Removes Shell shocked scar – Will 
Marksmanship  2 Days  Removes Blunted scar – Crit chance 
Heightened Reflexes  2 Days  Removes Sluggish scar 
Fitness  2 Days  Removes Hobbled scar 
Unblock Potential  3 Days  Perk unlock 
Mental Preparation  2 Days  Removes Unfocused scar – Psi 
Basic Conditioning  2 Days  +2 HP 

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