XCOM: Chimera Squad Torque Guide – How to Play, Abilities, Tips

Torque in XCOM: Chimera Squad is one of the best agents, hands-down. Being a Viper Inquisitor, her strengths lie in poisoning enemies for sustained DPS and unit manipulation. She can use her long tongue to pull enemies from behind the safety of cover and also protect allies from damage. She can also bind enemies and prevent them from taking actions.

XCOM: Chimera Squad Torque

Torque currently remains a heavy fan-favorite because of her incredible utility and sustained DPS. Therefore, before we begin, it’s a good idea to know what Torque is capable of when it comes to using her abilities in a battle.

Torque Abilities

The following is a complete list of Torque’s abilities in XCOM: Chimera Squad:

Abilities How to Unlock Effects
Bind Torque wraps herself around an enemy and binds them. Bound enemies take damage and are unable to take any action.
Tongue Pull She can lash out her tongue and pull an enemy/ally into melee range.
Poison Immunity Poison doesn’t have any effect on Torque.
Adaptable Being a snake, Torque can enter the vents.
Toxic Greeting Deputy Agent Torque poisons an enemy unit for two turns.
Tight Squeeze Field Agent Bound enemies take more damage.
Hard Target Field Agent Every first turn gives Torque bonus movement speed and dodge.
Poison Spit Special Agent Torque creates a pool of poison that damages all enemies in it. Once used, it cannot be used for another three turns.


Torque Tips and Tricks

By now, it must be clear that Torque can be used both as an offensive and defensive character. While playing her, you should also be able to prevent access to an entire area, thanks to her poison pool. This synergizes incredibly well with agents like Shelter with movement-restricting abilities.

Also, note that her Bind is an incredible tool which you should always use to lock the biggest threat on the field.

Negating large threats during a battle will always work in your favor. Lastly, you can use her Adaptable ability to go through vents. This can prove invaluable in some missions which will also provide her with a few bonuses.

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