XCOM Chimera Squad PC Controls Guide

XCOM Chimera Squad is out now and players who are joining the experience for the first time or simply want a refresher course on its PC controls, we have you covered. The XCOM Chimera Squad PC controls guide will explain every key used to play.

XCOM Chimera Squad PC Controls

The following keys used for the XCOM Chimera Squad gameplay.

Keys  Controls 
Enter, Space  Action Confirmation 
ESC  Pause / Cancel 
ALT  Check opponent 
1  Skill 1 
2  Skill 2 
3  Skill 3 
4  Skill 4 
5  Skill 5 
6  Skill 6 
7  Skill 7 
8  Skill 8 
9  Skill 9 
0  Skill 0 
R  Reload 
Left Click  Move the character 
V  Interact 
END  End turn 
Home  Camera will focus on current team member 
W,A,S,D  Move camera 
Q  Camera turns left 
E  Camera turns right 
T (Mouse scrolling wheel)  Zoom in 
G (Mouse scrolling wheel)  Zoom out 
Z  Change zoom level 
F  Move camera upward 
C  Move camera downward 
Shift  Select previous unit / target for attack 
TAB  Select next unit / target to attack 

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