Why do women have a higher risk of thyroid cancer than men?

Thyroid cancer is one of the most common head, face and neck diseases in men and women.

However, women are 2-4 times more likely to suffer from this disease than men.

Experts believe that this difference is due to women’s specific hormonal factors and pregnancy that stimulate the formation of goiter and thyroid nodules. Or in the postpartum period, many women will have postpartum thyroiditis. This is also due to the changes in the hormones in the body, which leads to temporary hypothyroidism after pregnancy.

In addition, there are many risk factors for thyroid cancer, as follows:

Immune system diseases:

This is considered the first cause of this dangerous disease:

For healthy people, the immune system produces antibodies to help the body resist harmful viruses and bacteria in the surrounding environment. When the immune system is disturbed, this function is compromised, creating opportunities for harmful bacteria and viruses to attack the body (including the thyroid). Therefore, the disorder of the immune system is not only a cause of thyroid cancer, but also a favorable condition for the formation and development of other dangerous diseases.

Radiation pollution:

During radiotherapy of diseases, the body will be contaminated by external radioactive materials, or radioactive iodine will infect the body through the digestive tract and respiratory tract. Children are very sensitive to radiation, so parents should limit their children’s exposure to radioactive sources to ensure health and reduce the risk of illness.

Genetic factors:

Studies have shown that approximately 70% of close relatives (father, mother, siblings…) of patients with thyroid cancer suffer from this disease. However, scientists have not found the gene that causes this inheritance.

Age factor:

Patients with this disease are mainly 30-50 years old.

Thyroid disease:

Patients with goiter, Pasteur’s disease, or chronic thyroid hormones have a higher risk of thyroid cancer than others.

Another factor:

People who have ever suffered from thyroiditis, even if they have been cured, have a very high risk of recurrence. Mentioned the causes of thyroid cancer above, scientists also pointed out many other reasons and factors that also increase the risk of thyroid cancer, such as iodine deficiency and frequent alcohol consumption. Long-term, smoking habits, overweight and obesity, family and genetics.

It is worth mentioning that the early signs of thyroid cancer are very weak. The patient may have a hoarse voice; difficulty swallowing when the tumor compresses the esophagus; difficulty breathing when the tumor invades the trachea.

In the later stages, you may feel symptoms of neck lymph nodes or distant metastases, such as bone pain caused by bone metastases.

Therefore, doctors recommend that people have regular health checkups and go to the hospital if they have suspicious symptoms in order to diagnose and treat thyroid cancer as soon as possible.

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