Trials of Mana Money Farming Guide: How To Farm Lucre Fast

Lucre is the form of money that you are going to use in Trials of Mana. In this Trials of Mana guide, we are going to go over how you can farm money fast in the game.

It is important to farm money in the first part of the game as prices are going to increase significantly in the second half. There are plenty of ways in which you can farm money. You are going to need money to buy all kinds of things and it is going to help you progress much quicker.

How To Farm Money (Lucre) Fast In Trials of Mana

The following are the different ways of farming Lucre in Trials of Mana:

Use Incense

You can use incense to temporarily increase the amount of Lucre you earn from defeating enemies in battle. You can get these from item seeds. These last for 10 minutes. So use them in areas where there are plenty of enemies around.

The Fortune Incense increases Lucre earned by 10%. The Millionaire Incense increases Lucre earned by 20%.

Sell Unwanted Items

Like other games, you can sell unwanted items in Trials of Mana to earn some money. Sell all the items that you do not need in order to make some money fast.

Collect Lucre In Towns, Dungeons And Fields

Lucre appears as small sparkling fragments in the open world. You can find it in towns, dungeons and fields.

This is how you can farm money fast in Trials of Mana.

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