Trials of Mana Attributes Guide

In Trials of Mana the player can access 6 attributes and each has its own unique effect. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about Trials of Mana attributes.

Trials of Mana Attributes

Attributes are your character’s stats and each of the three playable characters in your party has a different distribution of attributes and stats. These attributes affect how you perform in battle in Trials of Mana. They have a significant effect on gameplay.

You can check your attributes by going to the main menu and select training. You can see the attributes of your chosen character from your party. You can see their moves and attributes as well. Whenever your party member levels up he/she gets 1 Training Point. You can distribute training points among the following five attributes. New moves and abilities will be unlocked when you invest in training points.

Attribute Description
STR Deal more physical damage to enemies
STA Increases HP and defense it lowers the damage taken by each enemy attack. It will also increase the chance of enemies missing their attacks
INT Deal more magic damage and take less magic damage from enemies. It also increases the chance of enemies missing their magic attack
SPRT Boost non-offensive, support magic such as healing
LUCK Boost critical hit chance

This marks the end of Trials of Mana Attributes guide. If you need more help with the game check out the Trials of Mana Wiki.

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