Total War: Warhammer II Grom’s Cauldron Recipes Guide – Ingredients, Secret Recipes

Total War: Warhammer II  features Grom the Paunch, a new character in that as ugly as they come. The obese Goblin-King is in charge of the Grom’s Cauldron and this is where you will spend plenty of time here when playing The Warden & The Paunch DLC. One gameplay mechanic at Grom’s Cauldron learning new recipes and finding new ingredients. In this guide, we will reveal all the recipes and secret recipes added with Total War: Warhammer II to Grom’s Cauldron.

Warhammer II Grom’s Cauldron Recipes

Before we jump into the recipes there are some things you should know. For example, there is a Food Merchant at Grom’s Cauldron who can teach you new recipes. However, new recipes can also be discovered by mixing different ingredients. You must combine two main ingredients to create unique recipes.

When cooking you need to keep something in mind. Each individual buff from your ingredient will be taken into account. Grom’s Cauldron recipes give Grom certain buffs and these buffs can last up to 15 turns or until you cook a new recipe. If you switch to a new recipe it’ll cost you 50 scrap, and you only cook once per turn.

There are 15 unique recipes in Total War: Warhammer II The Warden & The Paunch DLC. There are 5 types of ingredients you can use for your Grom’s Cauldron recipes. Each ingredient type is colored coded – Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

Dishes  Recipes  Effects 
Wyvern Stew – Grom only  Mix Red + Green ingredients 
  • Unbreakable attribute 
  • Frenzy passive 
Fishy ‘Shroom Burgers – Grom only  Mix Blue + Red ingredients 
  • Fishy Breath ability 
  • Perfect Vigor attribute 
Bony Meat Skewers – Grom only  Mix Blue + Green ingredients 
  • Spiky Skin passive 
  • +30% missile resistance 
Nuggets ‘n’ Slime – Grom’s army  Mix Yellow + Green ingredients 
  • +20% campaign line-of-sight 
  • +10% campaign movement range 
  • Attrition immunity 
The Magnum Pizza – Grom only  Mix Orange + Yellow ingredients 
  • +15% physical resistance 
  • +15 melee defense 
Grom’s Surf & Turf – Grom’s army  Mix Orange + Blue ingredients 
  • +10% casualty replenishment rate for Goblin units 
  • +10% casualty replenishment 
Shroom ‘n’ Offal Sausage  – Grom only  Mix Orange + Red ingredients  
  • Bangers & Smash ability 
  • 25 charge bonus 
Cheesy ‘Shrooms – Grom only  Mix Yellow + Red ingredients 
  • Slime Smoothie ability 
  • Stalk attribute 
Gobbo Seafood Quiche  – Grom only  Mix Yellow + Blue ingredients 
  • Goggly  Glare ability 
  • Terror attribute 
Misty Mountain Broth – Grom only  Mix Orange + Green ingredients  Enables sundering attacks +100 base weapon damage 

 Secret Recipes

In addition to the above-mentioned recipes, there are some secret recipes in Grom’s Cauldron as well.

Dishes  Secret Recipes  Effects 
Fried Squirrel Fish  Mix Green + Blue + Spider Egg Yolk ingredients 
  • Enables lighting strike battles when reinforcements are present – for Grom 
  • 15% ambush success chance – for all armies 
Ghost Crab Royale  Mix Blue + Orange + Ectoplasm ingredients 
  • Fear attribute for Goblins and Night Goblins – all armies 
  • +10% ward save – for Grom 
Mork’s Blood Pudding  Mix Yellow + orange + Hell Pepper ‘Shrooms ingredients 
  • Fiery Convocation spell; 
  • Enables flammable attacks – for Grom 
Elven Foie Grass  Mix Red + Orange + Eagle Claw 
  • +4 recruit rank for all units 
  • -2 turns global recruitment 
  • +50 unit experience gain per turn – Faction Wide 
Bugman’s Battered Ribs  Mix Red + Orange +Stuntly Ale 
  • +15% missile strength for artillery units 
  • +15% ammunition for artillery units 
  • Flash Bomb ability – for Grom’s army 

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