Top British professor: 4 doses of COVID-19 vaccine are inappropriate

Top UK vaccine scientist says fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine is “inappropriate”

Professor Andrew Pollard, one of the experts involved in the invention of the AstraZeneca vaccine and the head of the Oxford Vaccine Group, expressed his views and disagrees with plagiarism in the UK or some countries. Israel. The fourth dose of vaccine.

He believes that only vulnerable groups who have completed the three doses of vaccines need to increase their injections. This group includes elderly people and people with weakened immune systems. In an interview with BBC Radio 4 on January 4, Professor Pollard said: “A booster injection every six months is expensive, unsustainable, or even unnecessary for everyone.”

British experts said that it is difficult to reach the threshold of four doses of vaccine per person in the world, because there are still many people in Africa who have not been vaccinated. The focus must be on protecting vulnerable groups and ensuring that they receive vaccines and active treatment. Although the enhancer produces potent antibodies within a few months after injection, more data is still needed for evaluation.

Professor Pollar said that compared with Delta, the new variant Omicron is less pathogenic and requires fewer hospitalizations, which is a positive sign. However, the world still needs to maintain a high degree of vigilance, because without knowing its infectiousness and toxicity, new variants may appear after Omicron.

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