This group of foods should be avoided during dinner to avoid serious damage to the liver.

Eat these dishes for dinner, be careful that your liver will be severely damaged. -healthy lifestyle

It is unnatural for nutritionists to suggest that we eat less dinner. The reason is that the body takes a long time to digest after eating. Sleeping immediately after a meal will slow down the digestion process, and the food cannot be fully digested, resulting in accumulation of abdominal fat, making it difficult to fall asleep and irritable.

According to nutritionists, the best time for dinner is around 6 pm. If you can’t arrange your time, you should take advantage of the dinner before 8pm. You should not go to bed about 4 hours after dinner.

In order to allow the liver to rest and not be overloaded with work, the following foods should be avoided during dinner:

Avoid greasy food

High-fat foods include not only fried foods, but also some animal offal with high cholesterol content. After eating these foods, the workload of the intestines, stomach, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas will increase, which stimulates the central nervous system and affects the quality of sleep.

In addition, fried foods contain a lot of fat, and the liver is responsible for breaking down fat and converting it into energy. Therefore, eating too many high-fat foods for dinner can overwork the liver. It may also lead to the development of fatty liver, which is the accumulation of fat in liver cells.

Instant foods

Processed meats are high in saturated fat. This is one of the worst things for your liver. According to the non-profit organization Fatty Liver Foundation, saturated fat is more “metabolic harm” to the liver than other fats. People should not eat processed meats, but should choose healthier meats such as white meat (chicken, fish).

Foods rich in calcium

Shrimp, crab, fish… and other calcium-rich food groups are one of the dishes that should be avoided during dinner. The reason is that it takes 4-5 hours for the body to excrete calcium in the body.

If you go to bed after eating, your body’s organs will be in a static state and can no longer continue to absorb and excrete calcium. This substance can accumulate in the kidneys and urinary tract, causing kidney stones.

Spicy food

One of the “toxic” foods to avoid during dinner is spicy food. Eating spicy food for dinner can make people feel heartburn, indigestion, especially difficulty falling asleep. Experts suggest that people who want to eat spicy food at night should eat dinner as early as possible, so that they have enough time to digest food before going to bed.

Although men like to drink at night, many women who cannot drink will choose to drink a glass of soda at dinner. However, soft drinks only contain sugar and are not nutritious. Adding too much sugar will cause the liver to convert the excess sugar into fat, which will eventually lead to fatty liver.

Soft drinks and sweets

Although men like to drink all night, many women who can’t drink will choose to drink soft drinks or desserts with cakes and ice creams at dinner… Once the body consumes too much sugar and is not fully digested, it will combine with collagen, resulting in The skin becomes loose and wrinkles appear. So, if you don’t want insomnia and rapid aging, eat less sugary foods.


Everyone knows that alcohol is the number one enemy of the liver, but many people cannot give up the hobby of drinking all night. Generally speaking, under the same amount of alcohol, high-concentration alcohol is more harmful to the liver and other organs than low-concentration alcohol.

Regular drinking can cause liver inflammation and cause irreversible liver damage, called cirrhosis. If you choose to drink, please drink in moderation. Women can only drink a maximum of 1 cup a day, and men should limit their drinking to a maximum of 2 cups a day.

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