Terraria Zoologist Unlock Guide – How to Get Zoologist NPC

Now that the Terraria update 1.4 is out there is much to discuss and one of the topics players searching for is the location of the Zoologist in Terraria. The final update for Terraria brings new NPCs through the Journey’s End. There are two main NPCs, the Zoologist, and the Golfer. In this guide, we will discuss the location of the Zoologist.

How to Unlock Terraria Zoologist

Zoologist is a brand new addition to the mix alongside Journey mode powers, Zenith Sword, and Bestiary. The Bestiary is a collection of information of all the enemies and NPCs you come across in the game. Each encounter in Terraria will open up a new page for the thing or person you encountered. You can learn about various aspects of whatever you came across. You get this useful book and this is your only way to unlock the Zoologist in Terraria.

You need to complete 10% of the Bestiary entries which is 52 entries. You get these entries from NPC conversations and defeating various enemies. The next thing you need to do is get a house for Zoologist to move into. Once you unlock 10% of the Bestiary the Zoologist will be unlocked and ready to interact with. You can speak to him in Terraria to get pets, kites, minecarts, and more.

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