Terraria Zenith Sword Crafting Guide- Crafting Recipe, Material Locations

Zenith Sword is a highly sought after weapon in Terraria right now thanks to the release of Journey’s End update. It is one of the biggest updates released for the game ever since the original launch. Known as Journey’s End, this new update adds a ton of new content to the popular Sandbox title. The new content includes Journey and Master Mode, a new in-game bestiary, and a new final sword known as Zenith. In this guide, we will discuss how you can get yourself the Zenith Sword in Terraria Journey’s End by finding all the crafting materials.

Terraria Zenith Sword Unlock Guide

It is a huge process but you need to go through it to get the Zenith Sword. The sword isn’t found out in the wild so you need a recipe to craft it. There are 9 other swords you need to complete the Zenith Sword Recipe in Terraria. You will be combining the swords using a Mythril or  Orichalcum Anvil. The 9 swords needed for the recipe are found in various ways in Terraria.

Zenith Sword Crafting Recipe

The 9 swords needed to get the Zenith are as follows:


The Meowmere is one of the weapons you need for the recipe. It is a sword in Terraria with the highest base damage of them all. On its own its pretty powerful as it shoots a Nyan Cat-Esque projectiles at the enemy. The projectiles bounce around for a short time before going away. You Meowmere from The Moon Lord but there is only an 11.11% chance of it dropping.

Terra Blade

Terra Blade is really hard to get crafting material for the Zenith Sword mainly because it doesn’t drop, it must be crafted with hard to find materials. To craft the Terra Blade you need to get your hands on  True Excalibur and True Night’s Edge and combine these items at the  Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil.

Copper Shortsword

This is probably the easiest to find crafting material for Zenith. Copper Shortsword is the sword you spawn with for the first time in Terraria. In case you got rid of it, you can craft it using 7 Copper Bars at the Iron Anvil. Most players get rid of it as soon as possible due to its low damage and low quality.


The Starfury sword is one of the 9 swords used to craft the Zenith Sword in Terarria. You can find this weapon by exploring the Floating Islands and opening as many Skyware Chests as you can. The Starfury is found inside the Skyware Chests.

The Horseman’s Blade

To get The Horseman’s Blade you need to face a boss. The boss in question is the Pumpking monster who roams around the Pumpkin Moon. The boss is a tough one so prepare for battle beforehand.


Seedler is dropped by Plantora but there is only a 14% chance. You may need to keep trying until you get the sword.

Influx Wave

Influx Waver sword is also one of the crafting materials needed for Zenith. You need to participate in the Martian Madness Event and make it drop from the Martian Saucer. However, there is only an 11% chance of this happening.

Enchanted Sword

To get the Zenith Sword you first need to get your hands on the Enchanted Sword in Terraria. To get the Enchanted Sword you need to break the background sword spirits on the Enchanted Sword Shrines.

Star Wrath

Last on the list of Zenith crafting materials for Terraria is Star Wrath Sword. It is dropped by the Moon Lord but there is only an 11% drop rate so you might need to try a few times before success.

It goes without saying that the crafting process for the final sword is extremely hard. Terraria players must roam multiple locations, explore, face boss, to get the Zenith crafting materials. Thankfully, it is worth it to go through the painstaking process.

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