Terraria Journey Mode Powers Guide

With the release of the Journey Mode in Terraria through Journey’s End update, the developers have added new powers to the mix. Terraria Journey mode powers guide explains how you access all of these new powers.

Terraria Journey Mode Powers

You need to make a new Journey mode character so the first step is to do that. Boot up the  Terraria and access the Journey mode to create a new character. Now open the inventory and you will see a bunny wearing w hard hat. Click the icon to see what powers the available to you in Terraria.


Duplication is a power that allows you to duplicate items you have fully researched. You can duplicate items in Terraria Journey mode but you first need to gather enough items you need to duplicate. The option to duplicate is found in the Power Menu.


This power allows you to research the items you have collected to learn more about them. The information you collect will help you  duplicate items. The process eventually helps you craft new items instead of going to collect the items you need.


This is the collect new feature in Terraria Journey’s End 1.4. You can actually control time. You will have control over the passage of time which allows you to change the time or even freeze it when required. You can click on the time menu  (the clock icon), it has 6 options and 4 of them are for changing specific times of the day.  The top option lets you freeze and unfreeze the time of day.


The weather option gives you control over the weather in Terraria. You can control rain and wind. The update 1.4 comes with a windy phenomenon. There is an entire menu that lets you control the wind. You can access it through the menu, the top option is wind control slider which lets you control the direction of the wind and how strong you want the wind to be. The same kind of options are available for rain settings.

Personal Power

Personal Power is a feature that allows you to apply some changes to your character that includes Godmode, Enemy Spawn Slider, and Placement Range Extender.

Infection Spread

The power allows you to toggle on and off the spread of infection in the world.

Enemy Difficulty

The last on the list of Terraria Journey mode powers is Enemy Difficulty. You get a slider to change the difficulty of enemies from Journey to Master.

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