Terraria Golfer Unlock Guide – Unlock Golf Mini-Game

After years of its release, Terraria is finally getting another major update. Terraria update 1.4 Journey’s End is the final update released and it comes with a ton of new content as well as new NPCs. There are two main NPCs added to the game – Zoologist, and Golfer. In this guide, we will discuss how you can get the Golfer NPC in Terraria Journey’s End update 1.4.

How to Unlock Terraria Golfer

The Golfer is an NPC that helps you unlock the new golf mini-game. The golf game is a fun, relaxing time and this NPC is the only way you can access the gold mini-game in Terraria. Golfer gives you access to golf as well as golf accessories. Sounds good? But the Golfer NPC must be found in order for you to enjoy a relaxing game of golf. You need to find him and make sure he has a living space in your town, city, or village.

There isn’t much to go on in terms of his location but we do have a clue. The game gives you a subtle hint at the Golfer’s location in Terraria. We hear that the NPC went to work on his sand trap game. We must use this clue to find the Golfer and unlock the golf mini-game.

To find the Golfer you need to go to the Desert Biome. Inside you will find the NPC who is trapped, unfortunately. The Golfer is in a cave on the Sandstone Level. Once you are able to find him you must speak to him and then free him from the trap. The next step is to build housing for him to make appear as a resident of your town. You will now have access to the golf mini-game as well as golf accessories. You can get Clubs, Colored Golf Balls, and more. You can play with the Golfer if you want a challenge.

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