Stellaris PC Optimization Guide: Best Settings, 60 FPS

Stellaris can take a toll on your PC especially is your hardware is not up to the challenge. In this Stellaris PC optimization guide, we are going to go over some tweaks that you can make in order to make the game run better. We are also going to go over some settings that will allow you to hit 60 FPS.

Stellaris PC Optimization

First things first. You need to turn down the Multisampling settings in the options menu. Set this to 0 and you should get a significant boost in performance.

There is a console in-game that you can use for different commands. Use the ~` button to bring up the console command. You can use the following commands:

help show available commands and variables. Commands are followed by [], variables aren’t
info show debug info
tweakergui draw.dust borders.usemesh display a window with 2 checkboxes. Turn off all dust by unchecking draw.dust. After disabling the dust you need to enable the borders mesh with borders.usemesh to be able to see the countries borders.
bloom turn on/off bloom
tweakergui draw.objects turns off the drawing of all 3D objects in star system mode, this could be useful in large battles if your computer can’t keep up

Note that you can’t use the console in ironman or multiplayer, so to use the commands in these modes you need to open the console in the main menu and input the commands there, before starting the game.

Setting Up A Script File Instead Of Adding Commands Each Time

You can turn off bloom and the drawing of all 3D objects in order to gain FPS significantly in-game. If you have to run these commands every time you launch the game then you can set up a script and run it. Make a text file in the install directory of the game. This will contain all the commands that you want. Name this file fix.txt.

Copy and paste the following into this file:

Save the file and when you run the game all you have to do is type “run fix.txt” in the console command.

Changing Settings Directly From Settings.txt

Finally, it may help to change settings directly in the setting.txt file. It’s located in C:\Users\username\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris on Windows. Open the file and set vsync to no and maxanisotropy to 0.

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