Someday You’ll Return Chapter 2 “A Shortcut” Guide

When you are done with chapter 1, the second chapter begins called “A Shortcut.” The chapter starts when you hear the phone ringing nearby. Guess who is calling? Stella! Speak to her and she will tell you about a camp. Loo at the boards nearby to familiarize yourself with the color trail system of Someday You’ll Return in Chapter 1 “A Shortcut.”Now

Someday You’ll Return Chapter 2 “A Shortcut”

To reach the camp mentioned by Stella you need to follow the blue path and then follow the yellow path. Turn around from the board and you will spot the blue colored path. Go ahead on the blue path and reach a fallen tree. Now go back from where you came from and locate the cliffs with orange leaves in front. Climb it and you will find a picture of Jesus, keep following the weird pictures and reach the St. Kliment’s Monastery. Since you now have some cell phone reception. Use the phone to follow the yellow path until you find yourself on a bridge again. The game doesn’t make anything easy to you won’t be able to cross the bridge. Head back down toward St. Gorazd Spring.

Go up the wall and a woman will appear only to vanish after a few seconds. Follow the woman for as long as you can before she vanishes and enter the cave where you will encounter some spiders. These bastards will try to take you down. Grab the piece of wood behind you from the campfire and head forward until you come across a tree with mushrooms on it.

Investigate the mushrooms and follow the “sign” that points to the wooden box in the crevice above the tree. Open the box and take the contents inside with you. Now head back to the area with spiders and make yourself a torch using the knife to tear down the canvas, put it on the wood, and use the kerosene on the canvas. Light it using the matches we found in the wooden box. Use the fire to get rid of the killer spiders.

Keep moving forward until you reach a barbed wire. No problem, we can cut it and go left to pick up a collectible, then head in the opposite direction to come across another barbed wire. Cut the wire and drop down, use your phone’s flashlight and make your way to the road where you can pick up a proper flashlight.

Now, follow the lights and run down the candlelit path until you come across the poacher cages. Go in the second gate and reach the building with the red door. Go in and walk toward the stench and look in the small window and you will see the beast about feast on a human body. Of course, the beast spots you so you will to run for your life. Go where you came from and at one point you will be knocked out; end of chapter 3 “A Shortcut” of Someday You’ll Return.

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