Sea of Thieves Megalodon Guide – Where to Find, How to Defeat, Rewards

There are 5 types of Megalodon in Sea of Thieves. It is a massive shark that roams in open, deep waters and attacks on sight – there are a few exceptions to this. Originally added in The Hungering Deep, additional species of Megalodon were added in the future updates. In this Sea of Thieves article, we will provide a complete overview of where to find Megalodon and how to kill it.

Sea of Thieves Megalodon

Similar to the Kraken, there is no way of pinpointing to a specific location where you will find Megalodon. To increase your chances of encountering one, you need to make sure that you sail in open waters and stay away from land. Depending on your RNG, Megalodon will find you sooner or later.

Hearing intense music usually signifies that Megalodon is near and ready to charge at your ship. At this point, you will either need to kill it or sail away. The aggression of Megalodon depends on the type of species you encounter. As mentioned earlier, there are some who are not aggressive until you provoke them.

If you are not interested in killing the beast, try to make your way toward shipwrecks, outposts, seaports, and islands. This will cause it to return to the area where it first appeared, giving you a little breathing room. You should also be able to go back to it if you change your mind of not engaging it.

Before we talk about killing it, let us talk about different species of Megalodon in the game:

The Hungering One Blue in Color, Green Eyes
The Crested Queen Dark Purple in Color, Purple Eyes
The Shadowmaw Dark Grey in Color, Orange Eyes
The Ancient Terror Golden-Green in Color, Yellow Eyes
The Shrouded Ghost Pale White in Color, Golden Eyes

How to Kill

The difficulty of Megalodon is scaled according to the size of the ship it attacks. It should take around 12 to 32 cannonball shots depending on the ship you have got.

A few cannonball shots should also be able to interrupt its charge. However, if it manages to land successive charged hits, it can destroy the ship and end the battle. This is why you need to continuously repair your ship while the battle is going on. You can also harpoon it causing it to escape if you want.

Successfully defeating Megalodon will reward you with around 3-12 treasure pieces, 4x Megalodon Meat, and Emissary Grade reputation.

This is how you can find and kill Megalodon in Sea of Thieves. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Sea of Thieves wiki guides.

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