Scrap Mechanic Cheat Codes and Console Commands Guide

In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about using cheat codes in Scrap Mechanic. You can use these cheat codes to set your HP values, get ammo, spawn various kits, and get food & water in the survival mode.

Scrap Mechanic Cheat Codes

To begin, the first thing that you need to do is to right-click on Scrap Mechanic in your Steam Library and then select Properties. From there, go to Local Files and select Browse Local Files. Now go to the following directory:

Survival > Script > Game > SurvivalGame.lua

You need to open the file with Notepad++. After opening the file, go to Line #83 that says, “function SurvivalGame.client_onCreate( self )” and change g_survival then to if true then.

Once done, save the file and start your game. After starting Scrap Mechanic, you should be able to use the cheats by pressing ‘/’. In case of numerable items, you should be able to choose the amount as well. Something like /food 45. The following is a complete list of all the cheat codes commands that you can use in Scrap Mechanic:

  • /ammo “Give ammo (default 40)”
  • /spudgun “Give the spudgun”
  • /gatling “Give the potato gatling gun”
  • /shotgun “Give the fries shotgun”
  • /sunshake “Give 1 sunshake”
  • /baguette “Give 1 revival baguette”
  • /keycard “Give 1 keycard”
  • /powercore “Give 1 powercore”
  • /components “Give components (default 10)”
  • /glowsticks “Give components (default 10)”
  • /tumble “Set tumble state”
  • /god “Mechanic characters will take no damage”
  • /respawn “Respawn at last bed (or at the crash site)”
  • /encrypt “Restrict interactions in all warehouses”
  • /decrypt “Unrestrict interactions in all warehouses”
  • /limited “Use the limited inventory”
  • /unlimited “Use the unlimited inventory”
  • /ambush “Starts a ‘random’ encounter”
  • /recreate “Recreate world”
  • /timeofday “Sets the time of the day as a fraction (0.5=mid day)”
  • /timeprogress “Enables or disables time progress”
  • /day “Disable time progression and set time to daytime”
  • /spawn “Spawn a unit: ‘woc’, ‘tapebot’, ‘totebot’, ‘haybot’”
  • /harvestable “Create a harvestable: ‘tree’, ‘stone’”
  • /cleardebug “Clear debug draw objects”
  • /export “Exports blueprint $SURVIVAL_DATA/LocalBlueprints/.blueprint”
  • /import “Imports blueprint $SURVIVAL_DATA/LocalBlueprints/.blueprint”
  • /starterkit “Spawn a starter kit”
  • /mechanicstartkit” Spawn a starter kit for starting at mechanic station”
  • /pipekit “Spawn a pipe kit”
  • /foodkit “Spawn a food kit”
  • /seedkit “Spawn a seed kit”
  • /die “Kill the player”
  • /sethp “Set player hp value”
  • /setwater “Set player water value”
  • /setfood “Set player food value”
  • /aggroall “All hostile units will be made aware of the player’s position”
  • /goto “Teleport to predefined position”
  • /raid “Start a level raid at player position at wave in hours.”
  • /stopraid “Cancel all incoming raids”
  • /disableraids “Disable raids if true”
  • /camera “Spawn a SplineCamera tool”
  • /printglobals “Print all global lua variables”
  • /clearpathnodes “Clear all path nodes in overworld”
  • /enablepathpotatoes “Creates path nodes at potato hits in overworld and links to previous node”

These are all the cheat codes that you can use in Scrap Mechanic.

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