Satisfactory Power Slugs Farming Guide – How to Find Yellow and Purple Power Slugs

One of the main resources in Satisfactory is Power Slugs. How to find yellow and purple Power Slugs in Satisfactory will be discussed in this guide. The process is pretty simple so farming Power Slugs in Satisfactory is easy. Power Slugs are used to create Power Shards, a resource used for overclocking your production line for increased productivity. There are three types of Power Plugs in Satisfactory – Yellow Power Plugs, Green Power Plugs, and Purple Power Plugs. The green ones the most common type of plugs and are usually found easily around the map. They often spawn on trees etc. Yellow Power Plugs are a bit rarer and spawn in hard to reach places that may require jetpacks and ladders. Purple Power Plugs are the rarest and they spawn on really hard to reach places.

Power Slugs appear in the open world but there are only a limited number of Power Shards in Satisfactory. Once you find them all that’s it, these items do not respawn so use them wisely.  Although it is possible to use Lizard Doggos to search for a few Power Slugs that respawn. Locating Power Cells is pretty simple and it can be done with your scanner.

When you get to a point where your factory is upgraded to make Power Slugs useful, it is time to begin hunting down the Power Slugs in Satisfactory. Take your scanner out in the open world and hold down the V button, select Power Slugs from the list. The scanner will ping all of the Power Slugs within 250 meters in all directions which is the best farming method. Whenever a Power Plug is within reach of the scanner it will show up as a waypoint directing you to the location. Before the Power Plugs become relevant they pop up as “Strange Energy Readings” on the scanner.

When farming for Power Plugs it is best to go out at night as they glow the dark, it becomes easier to spot them.

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