Review Kidcare S6 children’s smart watch

Let us evaluate the quality of Kidcare S6 smartwatch from appearance to quality. Is this version worth the money?

Check out the design and screen of the Kidcare S6. smart watch
About design
Some design parameters of Kidcare S6 smart watch are as follows:

Face diameter: 41.5 mm

-Line width: 2cm

-Cable length: 20cm

-Length: 241.5 mm

-Width: 41.5 mm

-Thickness: 14.8 mm

-Weight 51.5g

To be sure, the design of the Kidcare S6 smart watch is very childlike, with two colors of pink and blue, which is in line with children’s interests. Due to the particularity of children’s watches, the design is much simpler than that of adult watches.

The strap of the Kidcare S6 smart watch is made of soft silicone material, which has good water absorption. The silicone strap is very light and suitable for children’s age.

However, the Kidcare S6 smart watch only uses a plastic frame, which helps to reduce the weight of the product, but on the contrary, the durability is not as good as aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium frames.

About the screen
Kidcare S6 smart watch, with a 1.3-inch screen size, is basically very suitable for active children. However, when the Kidcare S6 smartwatch screen only has TFT technology and the resolution is only 240×240 pixels, it is really not convincing, so in terms of display quality, the Kidcare S6 smartwatch is somewhat inferior. It seems to be inferior to many competitors in the same market segment.

Evaluation of the main functions and utilities of the Kidcare S6 smartwatch
For children’s smart watches, the two most important functions are the positioning function and the call function. Both of these features are highly appreciated in Kidcare S6 smartwatch.

The product is equipped with GPS and LBS positioning systems, which can obtain the most accurate positioning results according to different situations. E.g:

When the user is in an ideal environment and is not affected by other factors, the GPS positioning error is only about 10m, and the LBS positioning error is about 50m.

If you are in a stormy area, a remote area, a closed room or a densely populated area, the LBS positioning result is more accurate. Of course, the error cannot be as small as the normal environment. often.

The call functions of the Kidcare S6 smartwatch are also very diverse:

Kidcare S6 smartwatch supports 1 Nano SIM, allowing parents to keep in touch with their children anytime, anywhere, without the need to connect to the Internet and Bluetooth like non-SIM devices.

Kidcare S6 smartwatch also supports emergency calls. When a child encounters difficulties and needs help from an adult, he only needs to dial the SOS phone, and the Kidcare S6 smart watch will automatically contact the previously established phone number without any operation. lengthy.

Blocking unfamiliar numbers is also a cool tool. At this time, you can only dial the phone number in the address book of the Kidcare S6 smart watch.

Kidcare S6 smartwatch battery life evaluation

The battery capacity of the Kidcare S6 smart watch is as high as 860mAh. Despite the use of ultra-light finish materials, the weight is quite heavy. In return, the Kidcare S6 smartwatch can run for about 1-2 days before it needs to be charged. If you only use the Kidcare S6 smartwatch in standby mode, it can be used for up to 12 days.

In short: should you buy a Kidcare S6 smartwatch?

The Kidcare S6 smartwatch is currently priced at approximately VND 1,791,000. This is not a comprehensive smartwatch in terms of design and function, but it is already great in terms of the convenience it brings to children’s lives.

Presumably Kidcare S6 smart watch is still a good choice for parents to buy for their children.

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