Predator Hunting Grounds Achievements Guide: How To Complete 100%

Predator Hunting Grounds is out now and if you are interested in completing the game 100% then you need to know about all the achievements in the game and how you can unlock them. In this Predator Hunting Grounds guide, we are going to go over how you can unlock all the achievements in the game and complete the game 100%.

Predator Hunting Grounds Achievements And Trophies

The following are all the achievements and trophies in Predator Hunting Grounds and how you can unlock them:

Trophy/Achievement How To Unlock
Ultimate Hunter Unlock all other trophies/achievements in Predator: Hunting Grounds
Ancient As the Predator, claim 1,000 Fireteam member trophies (Any Claims)
Mission Accomplished As a Fireteam member, complete 100 missions with successful Exfils
Splash Damage Kill 5 AI with a single explosion
Trophy Taker As the Predator, gather a total of 100 full trophies from Fireteam bodies (Long Claims)
Headhunter As a Fireteam member, get 1,000 headshots on AI enemies
Elite As the Predator, claim 500Fireteam member trophies (Any Claims)
Guarded To Perfection Successfully secure 25 Predator bodies for the OWLF
Mercenary Play 100 quick play matches as a Fireteam member
Ankle Buster As the Predator, trap 50 fireteam members in bear traps
Experienced Hunter Play 50 matches as the Predator
Predkour Master As the Predator, travel a total of 100km in the trees
Elite Mercenary Reach player level 25
Hunting Grounds Master Reach player level 100
Distinguished Hunter Reach player level 50
So Close, Yet So Far… As the Predator, kill the entire Fireteam while they are waiting for the exfiltration chopper
Pruning As a Fireteam member, shoot down 100 tree cover branches
Two Birds, One Stone As the Predator hit more than 1 Fireteam in a single smart disc throw
One Ugly Mother As a Fireteam member, knock off the Predator’s helmet
Early Bird As the Predator, kill the entire Fireteam before they complete their main mission
Against All Odds As the Predator, have your mask destroyed by the Fireteam but still kill them all
Practice Makes Perfect As the Predator, kill 500 AI soldiers
Clutch As a Fireteam member, reinforce your entire team back into the match
Last Man Standing As a Fireteam member, escape as the sole survivor
Boom Destroy 250 explosive barrels
Destroyer As a Fireteam member, take down a PMC heavy soldier by yourself
30-50 Feral Hogs Kill 50 wild boars
The Archives As a Fireteam member, find an OWLF tape
Salt in the Wound As the Predator, perform a finisher on a wounded Fireteam member
Learning the Ropes Complete the tutorial level
Precision As the Predator hit a Fireteam member with a combistick throw over 100m
Blaine’s Revenge As a Fireteam member, unleash Mini Gun mayhem until completely depleting ammunition
Wrap Artist As a Predator, trap 50 Fireteam members with the Net Gun
Safety Net As a Fireteam member, free a teammate from a Predator’s net
That Was Close… As a Fireteam member, successfully defuse a dead Predator’s self destruct mechanism
GET TO THE CHOPPA! As a Fireteam member, successfully Exfil with the entire team alive after completing a mission
Vulnerable As the Predator, knock down a Fireteam member while your energy is overloaded
Precision Leaper As the Predator, leap and hit all 4 Fireteam members with a single leap attack
Savior As a Fireteam member, Revive teammates 100 times
Mud Aficionado As a Fireteam member, cover yourself in mud 50 times
Traditionalist As the Predator, kill an entire Fireteam with just with wrist blades
If It Bleeds… Wound a Predator so it leaves a green blood trail
Sneaky Medic As the Predator, heal yourself when the Fireteam is within 50m of you
Blooded As the Predator, claim 100 Fireteam member trophies (Any Claims)
We Can Kill It… As a Fireteam member, work with your team to kill a Predator
Leave No Trace As the Predator, Successfully Arm and Detonate your self destruct mechanism

That is all for our Predator Hunting Grounds Achievements Guide.

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