New study: Men who speak loudly spread Covid-19 higher

According to researchers at Colorado State University (CSU), men and speakers are more likely to spread Covid-19 than others in the United States.

In a study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology in November, a multidisciplinary team at Colorado State University studied aerosol particles from a group of people of different ages and backgrounds. People of different genders talk and sing in the laboratory.

The team measured the aerosol particle concentration of 63 participants aged 12-61 years between 0.25-33 microns, and also monitored the volume and exhaled carbon dioxide concentration. .

Measure in the shielded group and the unshielded group.

The researchers concluded that singing produces 77% more aerosols than talking, adults produces 62% more aerosols than teenagers, and men produce more aerosols. 34% more than women.

Research also shows that the virus is also more likely to spread from people who speak loudly. Specifically, the volume indicates how much energy the speaker enters the throat. The more energy, the more small particles are excreted from the body. These tiny particles carry viruses and can infect others.

However, the limitation of this study lies in the laboratory environment (perhaps “lack of universality” in real life), other types of voices are not considered, and the risk of infection is not quantified. … Respiratory Diseases.

The authors of the study pointed out that the above results will help to further investigate indicators showing indoor risks of Covid-19, including: volume and exhaled carbon dioxide.

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