Monster Train Strategy, Tips And Tricks Guide To Win Every Time

Monster Train is out now and if you are new to the game then you might find it overwhelming. In this Monster Train tips and tricks guide we are going to give you some useful information regarding strategy and tactics that will help you win.

The essence of this guide is to build a strategy that is based around synergies that will enable scaling that is better than linear scaling. For this guide, we are going to assume that you have played the game a couple of hours and know the basics.

Monster Train Strategy, Tips And Tricks

The following are some useful tips and tricks for playing Monster Train that you should keep in mind:


The game has plenty of synergies that improve the value of your units and spells. You can increase scaling by giving a +power upgrade to units with a multistrike. Your aim should be to build and protect these combinations.

Ember Or Draw

The things that you can do on a turn, velocity, depends on your ember and the number of cards that you have access to. You should have these balanced out. Acces of any of these will not be beneficial. Adding ember generation to your deck is much easier than draw.

Size Of Your Deck

If you have played games of this type before then you will know that cutting cards improves your deck. Removing spells makes a bigger difference in your deck size.


There are a couple of ways in which you can set up infinite loops. Any two non-consume, free draw this turn spells can cycle each other when the rest of your deck is out of the way, perhaps using an incant trigger as output with setups that can’t add an external card to the loop. Cards that you should keep in mind for this use are as follows:

  • Awoken’s Railspike
  • First Hellpact
  • Pyre-Gro
  • Excavated Ember

Monster Train Tips

Path Choices

The path that you choose between battles is very important indeed. You should have an idea of what you are trying to build early on. The needs of your deck and potential gains in power will shift constantly. So you will need to do some thinking rather than picking one approach.

Room Choice

Setting up at the bottom floor gives you more potential points from the boss rush bonus. Setting up on the top floor is safer. You will have more time to establish it for regular enemies and bosses.

Battle Resetting

You can reset the battle by quitting from the menu. When you head back in the game is going to be the same if you use the same moves. You can use this to your advantage at times.

Effective Values Or Breakpoints

You might need to do some math in your head especially when taking on bosses in the game. Take the time to plot everything out.

Enemy Position Manipulation

You can use Ascend and Descend to get early damage on bosses. You can even kill them before the relentless phase and get a large bow rush bonus. Ascend and Descend are useful against regular enemies as well. You can shift how the combat will play or open up new opportunities.

That is all for our Monster Train tips and tricks guide. Stay tuned for more guides!

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