Minecraft Dungeons Runes Locations Guide

In this guide, we will give you an overview of all nine runes in Minecraft Dungeons. You need to find these runes to unlock the Cow Level in the game. Read on to learn more about the locations of all the runes that can be found in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons Runes Locations

There is no way of finding runes in the game until you complete the game on “Normal” difficulty. After beating the game once, proceed to the church near your camp. While you are there, make sure to unlock the shortcut for your future visits.

After heading inside the church, go to the rune wall with windows and purple bricks. This is the place where you need to return after you collect one or more runes. The following are the locations of all the runes that you can find in Minecraft Dungeons.

Rune #1 – Creeper Woods
During the objective where you are required to free villagers. Look for a square opening in the bottom-left area with light coming out from it. You need to drop into the area to find the first rune.

Rune #2 – Pumpkin Pastures
While finding the village, you should see a massive castle wall with a few boxes lined against it. You need to activate the switch behind the boxes to reveal a hidden entrance leading you to the second collectible.

Rune #3 – Soggy Swamps
While you are trying to escape the swamp after defeating the Cauldron, activate a switch amidst some mushrooms near the right side before the exit. The switch should open up a nearby entrance leading you to the third rune of the game.

Rune #4 – Cacti Canyon
During the “Enter the Temple” objective, find and activate a switch behind a palm tree near a waterbody before the Blue Key. Activating the switch should open up a secret entrance near the Blue Key location from where you will find another rune.

Rune #5 – Redstone Mines
This rune is located in the room that has six villagers inside. You will find the switch at the very end of the mission.

Rune #6 – Desert Temple
After finding the Golden Key, activate the switch hidden among some plants near the area where you found the key and grab the rune.

Rune #7 – Fiery Forge
Your first objective should be finding the Forge Cores. During the objective, head to the bottom of the long stairway you will find a switch opening the nearby hidden entrance leading you to the rune.

Rune #8 – Highblock Halls
During the “Crash the Party” objective, proceed to the statue of Archie on horseback where you will find the switch needed to open the secret entrance. You should not miss it since it is the only area in the mission with rain. After activating the switch, head inside the secret room to find the second to last rune in Minecraft Dungeons.

Rune #9 – Obsidian Pinnacle
During the level, you will find yourself in a library with “The Eye of the Storm” objective. While in the library, check the bookshelf and push the large blue book right next to the red one to open up a secret area that contains a couple of treasure chests and the final collectible in the game.

With all nine runes at your disposal in Minecraft Dungeons, return to the church near your camp and find your way to the rune wall to find the map of the Cow Level and a few treasure chests.

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