Many people think that being infected with the new crown virus will be “immortal”: experts say “completely wrong, very dangerous”

Many believe that once they become F0s, they will be “immortal” and no longer infected with Covid-19. What do experts think about this?

Before Chinese New Year, Nguyen Hoang H. (Long Bien, Hanoi) had been “ranked” in F1 consecutively. After an ordinary meal on December 23, her brother-in-law H. tested positive for Covid-19 and the rest of the family became F1 children. Ms. H took the Spring Festival holiday early because she had to stay at home to monitor her health.

During the Spring Festival, 6 people belonging to F1 became F0. On February 10, Ms. H. returned to work, but just 2 days later, she returned to F1 after being in contact with a colleague who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.

“I went to work 4 times this month, and I stayed at home to monitor my health, but I couldn’t get paid. F1 is often so hard, so it’s better to go to F0 earlier” – Ms. H sighed.

Not only Ms. H, but many people also think that “sooner or later it will become F0”, early treatment and early work.

Mr. Tran Duc T. (Huang Mai, Hanoi) “shows off” the results of 2 rapid Covid-19 tests with the message “Finally, 2”. Before long, he kept getting messages from friends. People are no longer confused, some ask questions, some give blessings. Some even congratulated him on being “immortal” from Covid-19, meaning he will no longer be afraid of contracting the virus.

Talking about the risk of re-infection with Covid-19, Assoc. So far, a new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has emerged in Vietnam, and you absolutely can, said Do Van Dung, dean of the School of Public Health at Ho Chi Minh City Medical University. reinfected. .Infected. it. In fact, in countries such as the US, UK and France, the proportion of people infected with the Delta variant and the Omicron variant is very high.

Associate Professor. Mr. Deng said that now people have adapted to the epidemic and are living together. They no longer worry and lose their former calm. This psychological factor will help them recover faster.

However, we also cannot assume that if the disease is caught early, we will recover from it quickly and be free to move and work without taking 5Ks. This is completely wrong. One patient was infected with Delta last month and may be infected with Omicron the next month. As new variants emerge, the potential for reinfection is high. So even if F0 is negative, they still need to follow the 5K notice to protect themselves from Covid-19.

In addition, Mr. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Deng also said that if you think “after being infected with Covid-19, you will be immortal”, but subjectively, not complying with 5K is very dangerous for epidemic prevention. Professor Deng said coexisting with the pandemic was about reducing the death toll, not overloading the health system.

In young adults, once enough Covid-19 vaccine is available, 99% of those who get sick have only mild symptoms, such as low-grade fever, sore throat, and loss of smell and/or taste. But in older adults, even after full vaccination, there is still a risk of serious disease, and even more underlying disease, with a very high risk of death. Therefore, Professor Deng emphasized that people need to give up the mentality of being infected by the virus as soon as possible, and “live forever” in the virus as soon as possible.

BS. After recovering from Covid-19, patients can still be infected with the new Omicron variant, said Truong Huu Khanh, former head of the infectious disease department at No. 1 Children’s Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

BS. Khanh said if you have tried to prevent Covid-19 and you are still infected, you should stay calm and the elderly and the sick need to be very careful. In particular, those who have not been vaccinated or have not received enough Covid-19 vaccines need to be vaccinated quickly to protect their health.

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