Little Nightmares Statues Locations Guide

There are a total of 10 statues that you can find and break in Little Nightmares. Similar to Nomes, some of these statues can be difficult to find. With the help of our Little Nightmares Statues Locations Guide, you will be able to find all the statues in the game.

Little Nightmares Statues Locations

Statues in Little Nightmares are made of porcelain that must be broken in order to be collected. The following are the locations of all the statues that can be found in Little Nightmares:

The Prison

There are only 2 statues that you can find in the Prison level of the game. The following are their locations:

Statue #1
At the very start of the level, you will come across a long stairway. You need to climb to the very top and head inside an opening to find the very first statue. Do note that you will need a lighter to find it.

Statue #2
Once you are in the area with the Eye, find a lot of crates lined up against a wall and go to its left side. A little ahead, you will find a bedroom that has the second statue of the level in the corner.

The Lair

The Lair level of Little Nightmares also has a total of 2 statues. The following are their locations:

Statue #1
In the janitor’s room that has the suitcase, you need to move the suitcase to the right wall and jump on top of the bed. From there, climb on top of the drawers and then onto the shelf to find the statue at the very top of the closet.

Statue #2
Once you are into the elevator, find your way into the next room in order to find a toy box. You need to drop down the floor and past the ladder on the right side. From there, proceed toward the back-left corner of the area to find the second statue.

The Kitchen

This level has a total of 3 statues that you can find. The following are their locations:

Statue #1
After eating, you will need to head inside a secret area below the ramp near the laundry section. From there, proceed toward the secret room and you will need

Statue #2
To find the second statue, you need to head inside the freezer, go through the opening in the wall, and light the lantern to find the statue right next to it.

Statue #3
You need to go all the way to the very end of the Kitchen through the chute and check the right side corner of the garbage area to find the statue.

The Guest Area

There are only 2 statues that you can find at this level. In this section of the guide, we have detailed their locations:

Statue #1
After breaking the mirror, you need to go inside the room on the backside and continue to walk alongside the pipe on the right side. You will find the statue sitting on the table.

Statue #2
Near the very end of the level, head up the ladder near the elevator and go through the hatch. After heading out, go to the left side to find the statue.

The Lady’s Quarters

The final statue can be found in the Lady’s Quarters level of the game.

Statue #1
You need to go into the Lady’s room and smash the blue/white vase on the left side of the bed. After you see the Lady leave, simply climb up the chair and to the mirror. This is where you will find the final statue in the game.

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