International students are expected to study in Australia in December this year

Ms. Jennifer Bahen, Educational Science Counselor of the Australian Embassy in Vietnam, said that it is expected that starting from the end of 2021, international students will gradually return to Australia, divided into short-term projects. .

Ms. Jennifer Bahen said that international students are very important to the Australian community and the Australian government looks forward to welcoming them back to the classroom, campus and community as much as possible. International students have made great contributions to Australia’s country, society and economy. Australia is now home to many respected citizens, who were initially international students.

Visa exemption for students who have not completed their studies due to the epidemic
According to Ms. Bahen, at present, with a few exceptions, travel restrictions on students and some other subjects still apply to Australia. It is difficult to give a clear timetable when a large number of international students can return to Australia. It is expected that international students will gradually return to Australia from the end of 2021 for short-term, phased projects, and gradually increase from 2022.

According to it, students can register with an Australian institution, obtain a student visa and start or continue online learning. Once the border is reopened, the student will obtain a visa and be able to arrange travel. If students are unable to complete their studies within the validity period of the original visa due to the Covid-19 epidemic, they can apply for a visa for free.

Student visa holders who study online outside of Australia due to the Covid-19 pandemic can include the requirement to study in Australia when applying for a post-graduation work visa. Graduates who already hold a student visa and cannot return home due to the Covid-19 epidemic will be eligible to apply for a work visa outside of Australia.

Why is it difficult for international students to get a visa?
Regarding the difficulties of some international students applying for student visas, Ms. Barn said that student visa applications are submitted online and do not need to go to the embassy or consulate. These places did not record any reports of students having difficulty applying for a Vietnamese visa online.
However, Ms. Bahen said that students also need to be aware that biometrics and medical examinations must be provided, and that facilities that provide these services may be affected by current Covid-19 restrictions. Yes. In Vietnam.

Ms. Bahen also stated that Australia will continue to provide globally recognized quality education for those who choose to study in the country. Australian universities are providing student support services for online students, including mental health counseling and support. The Australian government, states and territories, and educational institutions have all revised regulations to support these efforts.

In particular, the Australian government has also adopted a new international higher education treaty in cooperation with UNESCO to increase the global recognition of online learning and campuses outside Australia. The study is called the global convention.

Ms. Jennifer Bahen said: “Australia will continue to support international students who are still in Australia.

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