If you don’t want your life to become more and more miserable, don’t put these 3 things in front of your door, or the bad luck will continue.

There are many people who don’t pay attention to the feng shui of their home. You will feel very uncomfortable living in such a house. Everyone must pay attention to the feng shui of their own home, because feng shui has an influence. This means a lot to our daily life.

Many people think that this is a feudal superstition, passed down from ancestors, and has high credibility, especially about the feng shui in front of the door.

First: Some people will put vases at home, which can be said to be very suitable for families, but pay attention to the type of flowers when placing vases. Otherwise, my husband and I are prone to disputes, and the family is ruined.

Second: Some people like to put mirrors at home, especially many young people. It is convenient to put a mirror at home, but it is not recommended to put a mirror at the door because the mirror has a reflective function. ..the wealth of our family is easy to manifest, and if this happens, the wealth of the family does not accumulate, and unexpected things may happen, these are all worrying things. hesitate. Don’t stand at the door.

Third: Have you paid attention to the placement of shoes? Many people go out for walks all day, come in lazily, and leave their shoes casually in front of the door.

When entering the house, the shoes must be in good condition, stored neatly, and the toes must not touch the door.

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