How to Respec Characters and Skill Points in Gears Tactics

When you have a finite number of points to unlock skills and abilities, you are bound to make mistakes. Gear Tactics is a game that lets you build characters in a number of ways. And while doing so, mistakes can be made. There is, however, a way to respec your characters and reset skills in Gears Tactics.

How to Respec Character Skills in Gears Tactics

The ability to respec your skills is a feature that different games handle differently. Some require you to pay a hefty amount of in-game currency while others require you to farm rare materials. Gears Tactics, on the other hand, has a different approach altogether.

Resetting your skills in Gears Tactics is tied to an in-game item called Skill Reset Token. However, there is no way of buying or farming them (AFAIK) in the game. You will just get one while playing through the game with a notification pop-up. After obtaining one, if you check your name in the Barracks menu, it should say ‘1’ in yellow. This is the number of Skill Reset Tokens you currently have in your inventory.

As mentioned earlier, there is not a way of buying these SRTs in the game. You just obtain them naturally.

After finding one, open up the Barracks menu, choose the character whose skills you wish to reset, and press the skill reset key (F2 by default). Doing so will return all your invested skill points for the selected character and you will be able to build him/her from scratch. However, seeing how rare Skill Reset Tokens can be, I would not recommend overdoing it.

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