How to Move Heavy Items in Moving Out

Moving your house can be stressful but not in the new Moving Out video game. It is one of the most fun and laid back experiences and God knows we need such titles right now. The co-op title revolves around you moving various types of items out of the house. In this guide, we will discuss how you can move heavy items in Moving Out.

How to Move Heavy Items

Moving heavy items is a crucial part of Moving Out as they take up a lot of room in the truck. You need to move these items first to the truck. Don’t fill the truck with card boxes first because you won’t be able to fit heavy items. Heavy items include sofas, beds, etc. so those need to go in first.

Moving mechanics are pretty interesting in Moving Out. Since this is a co-op game how you move items depends on how many people you are playing the game with. Moving heavy items is possible if you are on your own. However, the movement will be slower than if there were more people. If you are playing with a friend, both of you will be able to move heavy items faster. Keep in mind that both of you need to grab the item at the same time in order to move it out to the truck.

The game tells you how many hands are required to move any given item on each level in  Moving Out. You can press Trianable on PS4 to make buttons pop up on items in the house that show how many hands you need to move heavy items in Moving Out. It is best to move heavy items in pairs if you can get a friend in your party of course. Moving alone will be slow but it can be done.

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