How to Get Alien Suits in GTA Online

If you are a recent player of GTA online, you must have come across one of the groups of players that are dressed in Alien Suits. In case you are attracted enough to these suits to want one for yourself, our guide is just the thing to let you know how to get the Alien Suits in GTA Online.

How to Get Alien Suits

The first thing to do is to go to a clothes store. The clothes stores will be marked on the map with the icon of a T-shirt. The next thing to do is to talk to the cashier of the store, as that will open up the menu from which you can select clothes and other items.

In the Clothing Menu, select the Outfits: Arena War option which will take you to the ‘Bodysuits’. You will find the Green Marian Bodysuit at the end of the bodysuits list. The suit will take off a huge chunk of your in-game savings, as it costs precisely $360,000. Or you can purchase a Shark Card to avoid spending all the money. So here is how you can get those martian bodysuits in GTA online. Enjoy your fun purchase!

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